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Lee and Emily

My best friend Lee called me from his office in New York, looking for some help with a particular situation.  He had been dating his girlfriend, Emily, for almost a year now, and wanted to take her somewhere on a nice weekend trip.  The only problem was, neither one had a car!  They both live in Manhatten, where an extensive subway system makes a personal vehicle an unneccessary burden.  Lee was thinking about taking her to Bar Harbor, Maine...but had no way to get there!   Would Dawn and I be interested in joining them...and driving?  (Lee loves to travel as much as I do...in fact, many of my past trips were with him.   My first cross-country trip in 1998, several trips to Florida, and even a trip to Asia, all accompanied by Lee!)  So, I guess I was the natural choice to ask this "favor".   A chance to go on another trip?  Sure, twist my arm!  After some discussion, though, we decided a weekend in Bar Harbor was just a little too far away.  If they left  NY City in the morning, by the time they got to CT, and we drove 7 hours or so to Maine, it would be late Friday night when we got there.   Plus, we would have to head for home early Sunday, effectively giving us only one day to enjoy ourselves.   Finding a closer destination seemed to make more sense.    We discussed Cape Cod, but that is more of a summer location.  Finally, we settled on Newport.  It was close by, and neither of us had been there in years.  There was plenty there to keep us busy for the weekend!   My boss, to his credit, was nice enough to give me Friday and Saturday off...  considering I had taken 5 weeks off for my cross country trip, just a few months ago!!  We ironed out the details, did some research online, and booked our rooms.  Newport, here we come!

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Lee and Emily
Lee and Emily
photo by: WaltJake