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I wake up to another sunny day. I have been so fortunate on this journey. Other than a bit of snow on the second morning, every day has been sunny.

I ready and head out with the thought of finding a bit of breakfast. I stop in a bakery and buy a couple of tube like pasteries made with filo dough and filled with minced rasins, dates, cinamon, and other spices.....very tasty.

Back through the bazaar. I pass the shop where my new friend is just opening up. He asks me to stop by on my way back. I continue through the bazaar and back into the fortress. I just have to see that view, again. I climb to the top and gaze out at the magnificence of the land. I hear the roosters crowing again and the same cow is back and hungry again.....his bell is ringing. I walk the narrow streets below the fortress.

It reveals an ancient Hamam (baths) that is in rough condition but beautiful anway. There is a stone archway with chickens and anothe rooster......quaint. It's such a picturesque little corner hidden from view from above. I'm glad that I took the time to look.

I return to the path leading past the Museum to Skandenberg. I am briefly stopped by a man that has tried, now, three time to sell me his tourist guide. He is a nice old man and is pursuing me, again. He shows me his picture on the back and tells me he is the author. I still don't buy but thank him for showing me. He wanted 4 euro for it and it's a pamplet of the history and some pics. He really isn't the author.....it's history. He's trying to make a living.

I get to my new friend's shop and he comes to the street.

The man who sold me the rug comes out, as well. He wishes me a good day. They ask me if I have time for coffee or tea. I am very happy to be asked to join them. So, we go to a small cafe just down the cobbled slone path. We talk about my thoughts of Kruje, how I got to Europe, and Albanian tourism. It felt honored that they wanted to take time get to know me, a stranger. After tea and coffee, it was time for them to get back to ther respective shops and prepare for the day. They refused to let me pay for my tea. They were very generous.  There should be some tours coming through. It is Friday. It should be a good day for them......I hope so.

I leave my new friend at his shop and shake his hand good-bye and he gives me a big smile. What nice people. I take a couple of pictures of the bazaar and you can even see him on the right side of one of them.

It's time to get my things as it is time for the taxi to take me to the airport.....time to go home to Amsterdam......where it will surely be raining. I take another moment on my terrace to soak in the sun and marvel at the view.

It's been a fantastic trip. Malta and Gozo will have alot to live up to.

delsol67 says:
That is so amazing. Thanks for sharing that with me!
Posted on: Mar 10, 2011
era24 says:
Well, the man who wanted to sell you the book is a professor. He teached leterature when he was young, and now he spend his time writing books. Some are history books and some religious :)
Anyway, I loved your sentence : they were very generous! That's true!!
Posted on: Feb 12, 2011
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