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WOW! The sun is bright. Another beautiful day.....almost perfectly clear. It's like spring weather. How lucky I am! I do slee in a bit, being exhausted from my 20 hour day, yesterday.

I get out and what a glorious day to explore more of Ohrid. I revisit some of the sights of yesterday, to absorb as much as possible. I pick up some postcards, look in a few tourist shops, and walk the old town, again. This time I walk slower, savoring the details. I look at how the buildings are made, the window grate designs, the door knockers, and the many colors all around. It's a treat for the senses.

I walk back to the craggy point on the hill where the Church of St. John rests. It was so impactful, I had to return.

Today it's as beautiful as yesterday but, no one is around. I have it all to myself. I am so lucky! I walk the terraced gardens that cling to the sides of the rock. The blue of the lake is such a happy color and the sun sparkles and dances upon it. I feel alive! I climb down to the outermost point of the clilff and marvel at the panorama before me. I take in the sounds, mostly quiet, except for the sound of a bird's song, or the breeze moving the leaves of the trees, or the soft lapping of the water against the rocks . I just sit here and try to channel my thoughts and hope that someone who is very sad will be the recipient of all of this positive energy. I am filled with emotion. I don't want to leave. I don't want to loose this feeling but, there is more to experience and explore, today.
I walk down the stone stairs to the little chapel on the water below St. Johns hoping that one of the sightseeing boats that were hanging around would show up and take me for a tour. No such luck. I climb back up to the main trail and take a break to cement the view of St. John's and the point on the cliff where I had just been. I sat ther and wrote out my postcards to friends and family. I think of this journey I am on. How did I get so lucky?

Cards written and stamped, it's time to go. I head down, stopping at St. Sophia's to further inspect....Byzintine spendor.

I notice a guy that has come out of his shop. I say hi to him. The sign "Gallery" is above him. I take a further look. He is a woodcarver and is producing amazingly detailed works of traditional art.

Macedonian styles handed down for many generations. They are beautiful and out of my "souvenir" price range, atleast the ones that I like.  It is still a privilage to meet him and see his work. I thank him for his time and head to the main pedestrian street.

 I stop in what I would imaging is the tiniest shop in Ohrid at about 3 feet wide. It is selling handmade textiles, traditional socks, lace, cuffs, etc. I bargain but, not too much. The prices are reasonable. I get a pair of the traditional socks and an unusual cuff. I love traditional designs on fabric.

 Down the path I glance at some folk costumes and an lady comes out and invites me into her little shop stuffed to the brim with antique and new traditional designs and handmade rugs, scargs, tabelcloths, and so much more.

I am in heaven. She tells me the story of almost every piece of fabric in her shop. She is so proud. I enjoy listening to the history. I buy a fabric panel of Ohrid design and a folksy rug of Bitola design. She throws in some honey based face cream and a CD of Macedonian music. She was happy that my choices made me happy.

I walk down to the promenade along the water and walk south, away from town, to see the view of the city from the distance. I walk for about 45 minutes......I could walk all the ways to Albania.........well, not really.....well maybe. I am far enough away to see the crescent of the city, the fortress on the top of the hill, even St. John's on the cliff. I can see it all.

I sit and enjoy, imagining that I lived here and had this view everyday!

It's getting late, so, I walk back to town as the sun it setting. I stop by the gueshouse to drop off my treasures and rest a bit. The girl from Edinburgh is back and we chat about our day as she chops and slices veggies to make her dinner. She offers me a glass of wine that she bought. It was a local red wine. I'm not usually a red wine drinker but, It was light and actually, pretty good. We comiserate about being vegetarians and the challenges that it brings when traveling. Her dinner is ready now and I need to hunt for food. I go insearch of food. I don't really want to, but hunger rules.  I return to Cafe Luna as I know the food is great and cheap and I don't want surprises. I was just as good the second time! Again everyone was friendly and even sparked converstion about where I am from and my journey. There was a really strange point in my dinner when the music being played was Celine Dion's  "Because you loved me" in Macedonian. But, hey, it's their country, and when in Macedonia......

Now, all fed in need of packing for the continuing journey, I return to Antonio's.

Tomorrow, Albania!

delsol67 says:
You will LOVE IT! It's one of my all time favorite places. :-)
Posted on: Feb 02, 2017
cotton_foam says:
Now after reading your blog, it is confirmed we (my family) are going to Ohrid!! :))
Posted on: Jan 27, 2017
Sunflower300 says:
I feel so relaxed after reading your blog, I want to have this day myself, it's sounds perfect. Thank you so much for sharing.
Posted on: May 10, 2009
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photo by: delsol67