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Well the first thing to do was to get lunch, which we did as soon as we got off the train =D J.D Wetherspoons was just across the other side of the road and down a bit (ask me to give directions for anything, im awesome lol) so we went in there and took advantage of their lunch deals. Then it was straight out and looking for the places we had written down to visit - mostly museums. 1 museum full of art then 1 museum full of...everything else. I think it was mainly targeted at school kids - but meh - it was fun haha. A floor for space, a floor for music, a floor for sports and bugs, a floor for animals and floor for world cultures and traditions and..stuff. We had lotsa fun!! ..for 21 and 22 year olds =D Then we went in search of the Beatles shop and tour. We found the shop and planned to attend the tour but it was a little tooooooo pricey!! Either that or we found the wrong one! But it was 20 or 30 pounds per person, and I'm honestly not a Beatles fan, but when in Liverpool.

The cow people that casually grazed on by..
.. right? To make up for it I ended up spending a bit in the souvenir shop. I needed a new bag anyway. And guitar pics (even though my guitar is still at home in Australia), and keyrings, or course you need keyrings! And postcards, and greeting cards... and coasters... yeah sure.. i needed all that stuff!! =D tee hee.

Last stop before our train home was the infamous Cavern where there were plenty of people outside taking photos. I hadnt planned on taking photos outside, but hey it must be something good? Actually I had planned on takin pictures outside - but only cuz it looked pretty kool - but I really didnt expect everyone else to be doing it. While we were getting pictures out the front at the little music memorabilia seat thing a heard of cows casually grazed on by. At least I think they were cows...Cows or weird looking sheep. They bombarded a few of our photos then kept strolling on down the road. They even offered to TAKE pictures! Imagine that! Pictures pictures pictures. We took pictures all the way down to the actual bar as well... and IN the bar, and the telephone booth, and ... you get the picture

you can keep it as well cuz we took enough
(tee hee)

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The cow people that casually graze…
The cow people that casually graz…
nope - not cold or windy at all!!!
nope - not cold or windy at all!!!
photo by: monkeymia79