Cofee and Milk.. Burger King, Wal-Mart, the ocean and South Beach!

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This morning we all got up around 8:30 to get ready for church.  We ended up going to an 11 o'clock service at a place called Flamingo Road Church in Cooper City.  The message was great and there were a lot of references to Coffee and Milk (a metaphor for single guys and girls).  After church we made our way to Burger King and then to Wal-Mart so I could get a bathing suit (for the beach later that day).  I was thinking to myslef "what better way to experience American than going to Burger King and then to Wal-Mart!"

Eventually we found ourselves at a beach in Ft. Lauderdale.  It was so cool to actually feel sand under my feet and heat on my face during the month of February!  The weather was beautiful!!  We all hesitated to get in the water at first, but eventually just gave in and jumped in!  I was surprised at how clear the water was.

  It wasn't crystal clear but certainly better than the beaches in North Carolina (where I normally go). 

That night we decided to go to South Beach for dinner.  We got dressed up and started to drive to Miami.  Within 10 minutes, we got stuck in a traffic jam.  So to pass the time, we decided to just take a bunch of goofy pictures!!  It made the time go by much quicker.  I think we ended up sitting in traffice for almost 2 hours.  By the time we got to South Beach we were all tired and hungry.  We grabbed a bite at an Italian restaurant and then headed back home.  I think tonight I did better at going to sleep early...  I think it was only 1:30am!!  Haha!!

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