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Today is departure day..  Of course I didn't sleep well last which is always a bummer because travelling makes me more tired no matter how long the journey!  I went out for an early breakfast with friends, ran a few errands and then came home to pack for my mini-vacation.  It's like 20 degrees here and freezing cold!!  I can't wait to feel the sun and to wear shorts!! I left home around 11:30 and drove to Richmond to catch my flight.   I flew US Airways from Richmond to Philadelphia.  The plane was horrible!!  It was small and very loud, but I suppose it did the trick so I couldn't comlpain too much!!  I had about an hour or so in PHL and then flew to Ft. Lauderdale.  I ended up sitting next to a guy who greeted me when I sat in my seat, and then he proceeded to tell me how we were sitting in the "party row".  I laughed and wondered what he meant by that!  Before I knew it we were in the air and then 2.5 hours later we were back on the ground.  I never got to understand the meaning of the "party row."  If the guy was referring to me having a good time, he was 100% wrong!!  The guy just sat there and played on his computer game the whole time never saying a word.. some party that was!! :)

So we arrived in Ft. Lauderdale around 9pm.  I was greeted by Arturo (artistheman), and his friends Diana, Michelle and April.  Art, Diana and Michelle were all from Venezuela and April was from Charlotte.   Everyone had come together to spend a few days hanging out, relaxing and of course shopping.  Art and I were the only ones in the group who are Travbuddys but all 5 of us instantly clicked (considering the fact that I had never met any of them!).  I collected my suitcase and soon we were off to get something to eat before going to the hotel.   By the time I got settled in and fell asleep it was about 2am!! 

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