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Dude I Found the New Dale Jr. shirts How many do you want?

We Nascar fans all wear obscene amounts of our favorite drivers gear, relish turning a one-day sporting event into a week-long celebration of racing Fun.  Not all NASCAR fans are cut from the same cloth. We are as different and as colorful as the cars we follow on the racetrack every Friday, Saturday & Sunday & any other day we can find it on TV.

From track to track, state to state & even race to race we fly different types of flags and considerable different as to what is proper.

A percentage of Talladega fans like to get naked in the infield and exchange beads ( Yes this is one of my future destinations) while a portion of fans in Fontana like to eat sushi with chopsticks in air-conditioned suites.

#9 Kasey Hahne-Budweiser-Dodge
(I don’t do Sushi & I can’t operate chop sticks).

The fans in Indiana are racing snobs who believe open-wheel drivers will always remain superior to stock-car drivers(to which OSB says Bull Sh**!!) and the wine-and-cheese crowd of Sonoma is much less hard core and not as rabid as the brawling fans of Bristol Tennessee(Also on the list).

"I think the fans that stick out are the ones in Texas and Talladega and Michigan and Bristol ... those are the ones that stick out," said Kasey Kahne who has one of the sport's most distinct fan followings. His boyish good looks have earned the driver rock star status in the eyes of women all ages. "It's seems like the fans at those tracks are having more fun then anybody else.

"There are some of the same fans everywhere we go, but then there is a different group of fans that separate themselves from others.

#88 Dale Earnhart Jr- National Guard/Amp Energy- Chevrolet
I think it depends on what state you're in because people are so different geographically. I grew up in Washington State and the fans there are much different than the fans in North Carolina."

The sport's third largest market, Charlotte-area fans make up more than half the population; 54 percent of residents are NASCAR fans, according to NASCAR research, and 40 percent of that fan base is female.

It's also largely unique because the residents live and breathe NASCAR year-round. You can't say that for every regional fan following.

"You certainly do see different things in fans in different parts of the country, certainly accents changes," laughed two-time Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson #48, who also said for the most part he has one type of fan base and it's one that emulates his personality.

#29 Kevin Harvick-Shell/Pennzoil-Chevrolet
  Johnson is from California where the attitudes are laid back and chilled.

 Across the country to the west Dallas-Fort Worth area, NASCAR's seventh largest market on television. The fans here tend to be affluent and heavy shoppers and one in every four people is a NASCAR fan.

And as the sport grows, the fan's ability or willingness to follow more than one driver at a time has grown as well.

 I never thought I would see Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans, No. 88 with a No. 48 hat or a No. 48 shirt with a No. 8 hat when Junior was driving for DEI. Now I will see a mixed combination of a No. 88 shirt and a No. 48 hat, (this is not allowed in the Old School Nascar Dressing Guidelines-One Day One Driver top to Bottom)

Jeff Burton say "You know the thing that I've noticed is that, and I'm talking about from 15 years ago to today.

#01 Martin Truex Jr.-Bass Pro Shops/Tracker-Chevrolet
There are a lot more families today, a lot more kid-friendly environments. Last week we went out to do hospitality on Sunday morning and there was a kid's playground area with inflatable toys and all kinds of slides and all kinds of things," he said. "There's been a huge effort to try to get children involved, which I think is a great thing."

No matter what Driver’s Gear we have on Race Day.  We are all very much the Same in a Very Different Way!!

Drivers- http://www.nascar.com/drivers/list/cup/dps/

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Dude I Found the New Dale Jr. shir…
Dude I Found the New Dale Jr. shi…
#9 Kasey Hahne-Budweiser-Dodge
#9 Kasey Hahne-Budweiser-Dodge
#88 Dale Earnhart Jr- National Gua…
#88 Dale Earnhart Jr- National Gu…
#29 Kevin Harvick-Shell/Pennzoil-C…
#29 Kevin Harvick-Shell/Pennzoil-…
#01 Martin Truex Jr.-Bass Pro Shop…
#01 Martin Truex Jr.-Bass Pro Sho…
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