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After the cozy night sleeping on the thin mattress, we went up the mountain where we learnt skii-ing the previous night. This time, we took the gandola up. It was a short ride, 10-15 minutes to arrive at the top of the mountain. I should mention that it was packed with professional skiiers and snow boarders, so we, the tourists, just marvelled at the thick snow and the scenic view that was presented to us at the mountain top. I realised, after my second trip to Korea that there is another mountain, near the skiing resort which have a better view. Well, I will mention more about that in the travel blog about my second trip to Korea.

Anyway, we took pictures and disturbed a rabbit, which I dont know for what reason it is doing at the mountain top.
And back to the resort, watched Spongebob speaking korean on TV, and we took off for one of the most scenic places in Korea, Mount Sorak. We were entertained by the guide about some history that happened there. If I rememeber correctly, there were many Buddhist temples built there, and during some war, (I dare not confirm which war it was) one temple was completely burnt down except for the front gate. And the Buddha sculpture was made of bronze, so it wasnt affected. Till then, these are remained as the temple was not rebuilt.

We arrived at the entrance to Mt Sorak, while it wasnt snowing, the wind was chilling. All of us took cover at the ticket booth while out guide purchased the tickets for us. Then we made the long walk into the site of the burnt temple.
Mount Sorak
Along the way, we took some photos of the mountain itself. Pretty and mysterious.

Arrived at the temple, as we were buddhists, we offered prayers and made one round (clockwise) around the statue. It is a tradition, so while you are making your wish as you walk around the statue, your wish will come true. Took time to marvelled and then, not being able to stand the chilling wind, we went to the small shops to hide from the wind as well as to see what souvernirs we can get.

Our journey continue to Waterpia, a resort which we will be staying for the night. As our package includes a visit to waterpia, we prepared ourselves for that visit. Initially we thought that all of us could visit the hot spring, clothed. But our guide explains the hot spring is open to only naked people.
Of course, being a conservative persons, we just enjoyed our time in the water playground, where we still can get massage from the high pressure water system there.

Apart from swimming custumes, we must wear swimcap to maintain the cleanliness of the pools, and no towels are allowed. Imagine the water being littered by dirts scrubbed from peoples' back. Yucks.

That's not the end of my horror. We went to the ladies changing room, and right before my eyes, we saw naked women. Sorry, although people say this to me, whatever they have, you also have, but I am just not used to this kind of openness. I practically had to look at the floor when I walked to my locker to get changed. Anyway, it was better when I stepped into the pools as now, people are clothed! Soaked will our skins are wrinkled, made a quick wash at the showers area (no doors, no cubicles) and then we had a real wash in our resort.
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Mount Sorak
Mount Sorak
photo by: chiyeh