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At the airport : it is really easy to take the train or the subway... sh..t, where is the english (or french) translation ?

3 days in tokyo for a start

I arrived in Narita Airport at 10.00am. Then i took the kensei line to Ueno and then i changed to Minawa, one hour and a half by local train. It is pretty easy to find one's way, even for a french guy like me who didn't speak japanese at all at the moment! For the first time in my life (because Japanese people are supposed not to speak a sligtestet word in english) i booked quite all the nights before arriving in Japan on internet.

I spent my first three nights in "Tokyo Hostel", a youth hotel located in the north east part of Tokyo. I left my bag (I arrived at moon and the check in started after 5PM), and found a quiet place to eat, rice of course, with meat, lettuce, beer (!).

asakusa, the temples area
.. The afternoon was dedicated to the visit of Asakusa : temples, tourist shops (for japanese people essentially), and a very crowded place, really fun.

I tried a cool green tea, it was quite amazing and really different from english kind of tea... tasting grass, but after a while i appreciated. It was really hot and i was sweating, so a cool beverage, even strange, was good enough for me.


For dinner, i tried a really small restaurant near the hostel, where i took moyashi ramen and a beer. Only japanese people in the restaurant, nobody speaking english, menu and prices only in japanese... Fortunately i could read hiragana and some katakana (Now i can read katakana and some kanjis as well, it will be usefull for my next trip). The ramen was good and copious, and cheap (650 yen, around 4 euros in 2007)

In japan, it is easy to find really cheap and good restaurant : ramen, soba, udon, .

Fortune telling : I took the number 35 (san jyu go): lucky !
.., and no tourists at all !It is easy to find really expensive restaurant too ! Particularly if you want to eat sahimi, in a restaurant where the menu is translated in english for tourists...

One of the customers found really funny to stay beside me : compared to japanese people, i am really tall ! (1m86, around 6 feet and 2 inches). He was around 1m50... In the restaurant, quite everybody tried to speak with me : even if i didn't speak much japanese, it was possible to understand most of the questions : where are you from, how long do you stay, ... Really nice, i didin't think i would speak so much (and when i said i was from france... "Furansu jin dess", it was impossible to stop one of the woman talking...)


The first day was really hot, i drank about 4 liters, and made a mistake with my last beverage : i took a small blue can, with a mountain on it in a vending machine. I was sure it would be water, but it was black coffee. Just before going to sleep, bad joke !





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At the airport : it is really easy…
At the airport : it is really eas…
asakusa, the temples area
asakusa, the temples area
Fortune telling : 
I took the num…
Fortune telling : I took the nu…
shinto ritual : 
first of all, yo…
shinto ritual : first of all, y…
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