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Sadly, I have no pictures of Asheville, though in retrospect I certainly wish I'd taken some. So sorry, this is going to look like a lot of blocky text. Either way, I hope you get something out this.

I've lived in North Carolina for 2 years now. Now I'm not one for being stuck in the middle of nowhere, and darned if Kernersville isn't exactly that. Not that it's all bad, but it is 4 hours away from the coast, and I grew up near water. Granted it was the brackish shallow Chesapeake, but hey what a view. Either way, getting to the coast with a 19 month old is a trick.

When we do take trips, we usually head out West to Asheville for a nice visit with my brother in law, and man I tell you, Asheville is a gem of a place. Aside from being small enough that you could do everything you wanted in a day, the view is breathtaking. Even the top of the parking garage has a view.

Being situated in the mountain, the small hippie town has a great breeze whipping down the streets on even the hottest summer days. Not only that, it's got some great character.

First, you'll probably see the flying nun riding his gigantic bicycle downtown at some point. Yes, I said him. This guy dresses up in a standard nun's habit and goes tearing down the streets on his 8 foot high bike. It takes balance, balls, and a lot of boredom to accomplish something like that. Apparently he's part of a "Keep Asheville Weird" campaign. So yes it's a gimmick, but it's still definitive of Asheville's character.

The Flying Nun isn't the only street performer there either. Check out the golden statue ladies or the countless enclaves of folk music players that adorn every corner.

In addition to being home of some rather peculiar performers, Asheville also has great cuisine. Try out the Noodle House for some great...noodles. 9-mile has some great Caribbean-style food, and pretty much whatever else your heart desires, and all within walking distance!

Asheville is also vegan-friendly. But if you're not vegan, you probably don't care, and if you are vegan, chances are you knew about Asheville already. 

After dinner, you can grab a few drinks at the Beer Garden, or Lexington Avenue Brewery. The Beer Garden in particular will have whatever obscure ale you're after. They even have Viru imported from Estonia. Although what they charge is probably enough to feed an Estonian family for a year.

Finally, do not leave down without getting coffee at Double D's. The coffee is good, but it's the big red double decker bus. If you ever find yourself conversing with someone who's been to Asheville, they'll probably ask about it, and you can confidently brag about having had coffee there.

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photo by: vances