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Gunther was listening carefully to the story, hehe
Finally I arrived to Lima. I cleared customs and was waiting for my big bag. "Mmm, what's going on?" There was my small bag, ok, but the big one wasn't there... Then I noticed I wasn't the only one with that problem. We were 12 people. We all went to the desk and started to ask for our bags. I had to give a full description of it: color, size, brand, etc.

The veredict: "Sorry miss, we found it in San Jose!" what!?!?!? I wasn't the only one, so it couldn't have been a mistake. Then I remember right before leaving San Jose, they were asking for people who would like to overnight in San Jose, since the flight was full. Note: I'd love to do that, but I needed a Visa, damm Visa!!! Back to the story, mmm my opinion was that they couldn't carry so much weight and decided to leave some extra weight! So rude!!! Grrrrr!!!

My cell phone was ringing and ringing. It was the cab that was waiting for me. I told him to wait since I had to solve a problem. At the end I left the airport with a receipt and Taca promised to deliver the bag to my house tomorrow night. Ok, ok, we'll see... Better not to think about that, BUT my dress was there!!! Fortunately the new clothes were in the bag with me, so did the presents for Gunther ;)
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Gunther was listening carefully to…
Gunther was listening carefully t…
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