This time the layover wasn't that long :P

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mmm, would I meet this crazy girl again??? - actually he did, we met in PA a couple of months later
Another long layover? Well, maybe but not boring at all. Chris had to catch another flight - a domestic one, but had some to kill. And what about me? well, my flight wouldn't leave before 5 hours, hahaha.

Oh no! then I noticed that the domestic flights departure from another building. Just walking distance, but in order to go there you had to clear customs :( Well, at least we could hang out until he had to clear customs. I remembered where it was, so I joined him. We were chatting about different things including travel. It was his time to clear customs and I asked the officer if I could get a permission just for a few hours, but this officer wasn't as friendly as the one I met in my way to the USA and just said: NO! Grrrrrrr. Well, at least we had time to chat and exchange emails. Maybe we'd meet in the future... actually we did, in Philadelphia, hahaha. So better just saying: "See you soon!"

When I was walking back to the gates, a guy approached to me. He was Peruvian and was also in the plane from Miami to San Jose, hahaha. So, we started to talk. He was going back home after 4 years and didn't know what to expect from Lima. I told him, Lima was nice and he'd like it. We were hanging around and he joined me to get some sweets for the family :)

Ok, it was time to board and fly back to Lima...
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mmm, would I meet this crazy girl …
mmm, would I meet this crazy girl…
San Jose
photo by: Isoinspira