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After a couple of days going to the office it was time to fly back to Lima. But there was a small problem... I was flying to Fort Lauderdale and my fly to Lima was leaving from Miami, mmm. I know both airports are in Miami area, but they are not so close if you don't have a car. My flight back home was next morning. So I had plenty of time...

Ok, there was just one problem, reaching Miami. Going from MIA to FLL wasn't any problem, since Monica picked me up from the airport. But now I was by myself. This was before my traveling solo adventures, so I was a bit worried about what to do, mmm. These were the possibilities:
-taking a cab: NO WAY! too expensive!!!
-renting a car: not even for 24hrs? crazy, crazy,

so I remember I read something about the tri-rail when I was at the airport. Ok, let's try that. I had plenty of time, so no worries. I took my luggage and went to the shuttle stop. There was a lady and we started to talk, she was in her way to the train station too, hahaha. We took the free shuttle. At the station we both were waiting for the same train. I'd go to Miami and she would go in the other direction. No problem. We arrived to the station, I bought my ticket: US$2. Cheap, haha

The train came just 10min later. The journey was fast and comfortable. I couldn't believe US$70 vs US$2, hahaha. I saved a lot of money, hahaha ;)
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