Meeting a new friend and flying 1st class - hurra!!!

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The phone rang early in the morning, as I requested. I had time to get ready without rushing, nice! Then I went to the lobby and we were a group of people in our way to the airport, but I was the only one flying to Peru. I arrived to the airport, dropped my bags, went through security and started to look for my gate. This flight would be a long one too. Same as in my way to the USA, we'd stop in Costa Rica for 6 hours!!! Nevermind, this time I know what to do, hehehe.

Got a cup of coffee and sat down. I saw a guy sleeping on the floor. Poor guy!!! Well, I remember I did the same in Amsterdam and smiled, hahaha. Well, it was time to board and the guy was standing before me. That was great, my carry on was a bit heavy and would need help to place it in upper compartments, lol! Well, I'm small... Anyway, my seat was right after his, haha. He saw I was having problems with my carry on and he offered to help. Then we started to talk. Hopefully nobody would sit next to him or next to me, so we could switch places. Nobody was next to me, yay! and then the flight attendant came and asked me if I could change seats, because there was a woman with her baby, mmm.

why now?!?!?! haha, ok, ok. I agreed and said Chris, I was moving but would be back to pick up my bag. See you in San Jose. He was going to San Jose to spend 1 month backpacking in Costa Rica, how cool! Well, I followed the flight attendant to my new seat, which was in... first class, sweet!!!! Being a nice girl is worth, hahaha.

The flight attendant came with the menu and asked us what we would like to have for breakfast, how nice! The lady next to me, was nice and we were chatting during the flight. After we landed I went back to look for my bag and meet my new friend.
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photo by: ellieperla