Did I really see Christopher Doyle?

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I've been in Hong Kong for a week, and I'm still somewhat feverish from the past 2 nights while staying at my aunt's house in Kowloon (this blog will probably be written backwards order, I'm just trying to get out a few thoughts that are at top of mind right now).  It's one thing to stay in a bougie hotel in Wan Chai and another to stay in a damp apartment that nobody's lived in for an entire year and every night you're basically sleeping in your own cold sweat).  Believe me, I can grime it out with the best of them, but something about the smell of damp wooden floors, cabinets, and rusty toilets felt different in Hong Kong. 

Anyway, here's my main reason for writing this entry:
Did I really see Christopher Doyle?

For those of you who don't know, he's the cinematographer for most of Wong Kar Wai's films (including In the Mood for Love and 2046). 

He was standing a few people in front of me at the airport security line: frazzled, hair unkept, and with his mind seemingly elsewhere.  This isn't unlike the way he presents himself in interviews.   Is this the way a world famous cinematographer with dozens of credits to his name presents himself?  Does he care?

As I got a closer look at him, even standing right next to him on the tram to the terminals, I noticed that his fingernails were thick of a purple grime, his fave unshaven, and his dilapidated boots were paint splattered.  What was he doing out here?  I perused his appearance for more clues: probably the one that was the most telling was his neon bag that read "Australian Contemporary Art Museum."  Doyle being Australian, after all.  His hair, which still looked like the kind of mop from 80s Depeche Mode videos, should've been enough for a dead give away from the start, but I just couldn't approach him.  Maybe it's because it means a lot more to me meet someone whose work inspires me rather than to meet any other typical movie star.  He had the presence of my film professor at UCSD (JP Gorin), who chewed me out my sophomore year for comparing Kill Bill to hip hop the same way he compared Cassavetes to Jazz. 

Anyway, if anyone knows whether or not Christopher Doyle was in Hong Kong the past week (longshot, I know) feel free to leave me a comment.  Pictures from Hong Kong are coming soon...I'm off to Vancouver now.
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Hong Kong
photo by: Sunflower300