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Greetings from the air conditioned bubble of comfort, ease and plenty known as 'Milhouse'.  The very last words spoken in my Munich apartment  before leaving were of this mythical place, where the cool kids hang out, and its far too easy to forget you're in Buenos Aires.... or that you ever need to leave (the city or the hostel).  A testament to the applicability of chaos theory (in which infinitesimal events can have enormous effect later) to bacpkacking, I would never have ended up here (or in Uruguay for that matter) if it weren't for that recommendation, which came all the way from Australia, by way of Munich.  My Australian flatmate of two years haphazardly mentioned the name on my way out the door.
... something about them organizing outings for your so you don't have to.  How characteristic that is.   This place is so 'just add water' that they'd probably give you the water if you'd forgotten it.  It's a frightening reminder of just how few simple (mostly material) pleasures we really need to be content.  As I sit here with my beer and pizza and laptop waiting for my laundry to be dried and folded, I struggle to find the distinction between this and a supremely located $11/night frat house.  Fair enough, we're all on some sort of vacation, and indeed I admire their heoric struggle to create the perfect hostel, in the image of the original, sweatier Milhouse 'round the corner.  Still, this place is just too easy, which is why I'm leaving.

Patagonia has been screaming at the top of its lungs for 9 days; I've been negligent.  To be sure, I got to enjoy one last tryst on the beach in Uruguay as summer fades (more about that in the next entry), and sure Buenos Aires is sublime for eating, clubbing, and generally consuming at a lower burn rate.  I've seen Evita's grave in an enormous cemetary the size of a small town, bumped into a traveling exhibition of ceremonial bears (, and eaten more steak than I'd like to weigh.  This is also a great place to sit down and get things done: study Spanish, write the great South American  novel, or act as a hub for gallivanting in surrounding areas for on the weekends.  I fully intend to do one ore mor of these; just not now.  I came here chiefly to explore the ends (and deep undulations) of the earth, and this isn't one of them.  An accessible, expansive soulful oasis of charm and sophistication as far south as they come, I like this city enough to know we have a chance as lovers...  but Patagonia calls.
... to be continued... the bus is leaving.
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