ICY BAROQUE overflows Vilnius Town Hall square =)

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Near Vilnius Town Hall on Tuesday...( today, i'm writing this blog when i just came home from this event..xe..xe.. =) ) started project "ICY BARQUE"... All this week people and visitors of our wonderful capital will be pleasantly excited by lots of great ice sculptures in the square...

Visitors will have a chance to see 7 the most beautiful copies of Vilnius greatest BAROQUE buildings. 5 meter high sculptures were created by project's art director Mindaugas Tendziagolskis, Rimantas Milkintas, Kęstutis Lanauskas, Marius Zavadskis, Raimondas Dičius,  Kęstutis Svirnelis (who studies in Germany) ir sculpturer from Stuttgart Pablo Wendelis.

All week in this small icy town people will have lots of great moments - during day time everybody will have chance to look around here and to know the history of each sculpture, to know more about baroque culture in Vilnius.
Mysterious oasis will appear here in the evening.. with the help of our great artists, light effects.. Every evening visitors of the icy town will hear a different and new barque music interpretation „hiphop, „funk“, disko, „soul“ and in other  modern music styles, prepared by Lithuanian and foreign DJ's.

Ice scuptures will sparkle with lots of different lights from inside and outside... some interesting videopictures will be showm on them as well, which will create wonderfull illusions to each of you.. Come to visit this small icy town, don't be afraid of cold and u will see small winters wonder :))))

Project „ICY BAROQUE“ is one of programm's  „Vilnius - The European capital of culture 2009“ events..

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....When the European Union had to choose  the first European Capital of Culture from one of the ‘new’ EU member states, the choice was Vilnius as European Capital of Culture in 2009.  
The official programme Vision and Mission 2009 is:

Vision: Vilnius – a European capital of the future that is open to people, cultures and innovation.
Mission: To create a new European cultural experience in which culture is a part of modern life and each individual its creator.

2009 will be a very special year not only for Vilnius but also for the rest of the country: Lithuania celebrates its millenium anniversary, as the name Lithuania was first mentioned in the monastic annals Annales Quedlinburgensis (or Annals of Quedlinburg) in 1009.

On the eve of 2009, Vilnius residents and visitors can witness the unique musical fiesta of dance, sound and light. Under the 365 days that follow, watch out for special events such as European Café, Art in Unusual Places, Vilnius Book Fair, a celebration of mid-summer, or - when the winter darkness comes - for the festival of light.

Naturally, there will be lots of other events in-between: theatres, concerts, seminaries and art events.
Lux!! :)
Lux!! :)
ice cream!! :) yammy!! :)
ice cream!! :) yammy!! :)
mmmmm...pancakes ;DDD
mmmmm...pancakes ;DDD
whoop whoop!! ;P
whoop whoop!! ;P
photo by: sheylla