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 We were nine in numbers with our leader Rahul, a very flamboyant and enthusiastic person who kept on instilling in us the vigour to reach our destination.All of us assembled at the Nescaffe at the wee hours in the morning with all the necessary accessories required in the trek(like sleeping bags,tents,warm clothes etc.).  We went to Rishikesh by bus.In Rishikesh we hired a Sumo to Uttarkashi.Its about six hours journey from Rishikesh to Uttarkashi and last two hours are pretty tough to pass.There are numerous turns which appear very frequently.Everytime you feel like someone is boxing on your belly ,one kick from back and one from front.One of us suffered from wretching and vomited three four times in the journey.There is always someone in a journey who becomes the prey of others pranks and amusements.Our  ‘Bakra’ was Rohit ,always suffering from hunger pang and biscuits were his favourite .We decided to stay in a hotel in Uttarkashi in the night.There we ate a lot of guvavas plucking them directly from the tree.Weather was chill and it rained too.We saw the rain coming towards us from the distant mountains.It filled us with excitement that we have to reach on those distant mountains.
Refreshed by the overnight rest we started our journey to Gangotri early in the morning by a commander.The pathway to gangotri is extremely sceneric.We gradually move upward moving from one mountain to other.From the top you can see other roads beneath you.Sometimes you have to go all the way at the bottom of the mountain in order to move to the other one.You get to see construction work going on the mountains,caverns being created cutting massive amount of rocks.Green Ganga creek flow on the land filled with white peebles.In our six hour journey we captured sceneric views in our cams a bit scringly because we knew that nature had just opened its magical box and a lot was about to come.
Gangotri is a very sacred place.Aura out there is of placidness mingled with piousness of Ganga.Reaching Gangotri  we stayed in a hotel and took a guide.Though it became a bit late to start our journey(around 3 ‘o clock) we headed towards our next destination,Kedarkhadak.Kedarkhadak is five km from Gangotri.Upto one hour, path is very steep and narrow with an inclination of about 60 degrees. Every step try to suck maximum amount of your energy.We were moving with a constant speed  hoping that soon we would be there.But sun was also fading gradually.It brought signs of panic in our group.Our leader prompted us to enhance our speed so that we could make it before dark.None of us knew how far was the place.And now the path was covered with slippery snow which made it more diffcult and risky to move.We had to watch our every step and plant it firmly.Even on putting strenous effort we could not make it before dark.Our last fifteen minute journey was the horrible one.We made it watching our path  in torchlight and at the same time path was too curvy,slippery,narrow and  snowy with a steep abyss standing adjacently.We reached Bhojkharak in the dark and setup our tent in utterly inclement weather.The place is called so because of the presence of trees  clinged with parchament papers.We managed some wood to burn and cooked maggi and soups.Night was dreadful as the wind was wavering our tents and the fear of animals was perplexing us every moment.
After passing a night full of thrill and fear we started our journey to Kedartal carrying minimum amount of accessories.Path was completely covered with freshly fallen snow.Kedarganga was flowing in the shallow abyss by our side.We got to see wild dears but they were harmless.After journey of two hours we reached the lake.All of us were spell bound by the view,just staring at the objects dispersed around us and savouring the taste of creativity of nature.Lake was splashy green in color and mountains completely white.Staying there for half an hour we came back to the tents packed our bags and started our return journey.Reaching Gangotri we went to Gangotri  temple and everyone of us thanked God by heart to make us reach at such a uniqe place and making our trip safe.In the end Kedartal trek was an awful and enthralling getaway.Its memories would remain in our mind forever

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