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My trip started with a flight (as easy to guess). I hate going by air - mush better by train or car. But that's quite crazy - driving through the whole Europe and part of Russia (not the least part). When I arrived (finally!) I passed a Custom (where a very pretty and smiled guy said me "Hola! Bienvenido a Barcelona!" and I managed only to say "Errr... Gracias!". Wished I had better spanish) and went out to the Meeting Hall I guess. As it was announced in my contract I should be taken to the residence where I was supposed to stay by a Transfer. There were plenty of people. So some time passed when I have seen a man with poster "EF". He took my baggage and lead me to his car - it turned out to be a black Volvo - a very chic caar!!!

During our trip he was telling me about city (to my joy he spoke english) - where to go, how (!) to go, etc. I told him about my Togliatti and aur AVTOVAZ - he was very interested in cars. He said that he doesn't work at EF, his friend asked him to bring one student (me) from airport. So, I turned to be lucky - if I hadn't arrived the day early I wouldn't go to school in such wonderful car and great company - I bet other students who choose transver are taken to school by mini-bus. At last we achieved a goal of our journey - the Residencia SIL. It was located at the north edge of the city - at the bottom of mountain Tibidabo - very far from the beach((((. There near the entrance my driver said me goodbye and I came in.

I've met a houskeeper - a very "spanish" woman, who didn't speak english. That was like a kick on the head. She chattered and what I could do is only to nod. She lead me to my room and leaft alone. My roommate should arrive tommorow - so tonight I supposed to sleep alone in this room - that also wasn't bad.

First of all I called hom, got a shower, unpacked and went out of the residence to look around. All information about city that I had was a Guide in my bag. I'd read it at home in Russia and here, alone in Barcelona I was a bit scared - I spoke spanish very bad. But my poor language skills was compensated by my good memory and maps-liking. So I went down the street where, as I remembered, a city center and a Medditeranean Sea should be.

But of course having had a look at the map I understood that today I wouldn't manage to sea a city center and more over - a sea! All I manage to overcome - 3 metro stations - but I went not by metro but by foot. And everything around seemed me charming! Buildings, shops, tiny squares - though it was a city outskirt.

I came back to residence when It was a twilight already. I fell asleep cause was very tired. Tomorrow I planed to wake up very early - I was going to city center - so my vacations started!


To be continued....

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photo by: fivepointpalm