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When the plan goes unplan

As most of my trips, I booked the ticket for this one long way in advance. The plan was four of us visit Singapore (via Batam). And just like what usually happen in most of the advanced ticket bookings, eight weeks before the D-Day, I found out that the others bailed on me and cancelled this trip. Done my research and calculation I take the opportunity of doing solo trip, plus I added new destination, to visit KL from Singapore. I also contacted some TB friends like Flo (coffefiary), Erna (ErnaButterfly), Ash (ashraffrahman), Shuyi (luashuyi) and Naj (najiah10) *God knows how I love them all!* just to make sure I'll be accompanied most of times in both Singapore and KL.

Highschool reunion

Well then, another thing week before the trip started I attended a highschool reunion and meet one of my long lost friend, Mario. We did a lot of catch up, well long story short, he interested in joining me on this trip. Everything was going so fast after that, he got his passport renewed, book the tickets...voila! I got a travel partner. And oh, one more thing..see, because three other friends won't be using the depart ticket, we plan to use one of the ticket for Mario. One tiny problem is that the ticket is not under Mario's name, and it was the X class ticket which means no refund, no change schedule whatsoever. I'm not sure what were we thinking by that time, but we decide to try using one of the ticket owner's ID to get Mario checked in.

Whatta morning!

February 7th, our flight to Batam is 06.40 in the morning. My dad woke me up at 4ish, and then take me to the airport. Arrived at the airport at 6, I still cant reach Mario on the telephone, and started to worry that he didn't manage to wake up on time. But apparently I have to worry about Mario later on because the airport guy just told me that I was in the wrong terminal!!!Not enough that I have to run two terminals away, but I have to run with my father non-stop babbling about me got the wrong info about those terminals...Jeez. Just when I reach the correct terminal, Mario called, said that he's just leaving his house "what??!are you kidding man?!!by the way get direct to terminal !1A, I'll try to get you checked in". So I went to the ticket window to get me and Mario checked in, I gave the airline guy the borrowed ID together with my ID and explained to him that my friend will be late, but I have his ID with me. And I was so releived when he said I can checked Mario in first and I can go directly to the gate. After that I said goodbyes to my angry dad and wait for Mario. He arrived at 06.30 and we run to the gate. But when the officer checked the boarding pass he didn't find Mario's on it!!!panic..panic..panic..I ran to the first guy again. And there it was the boarding pass!!!So you think it's over??na-ah..when the first guy saw Mario, he asked "that guy (he referred to Mario) looked different from the ID"..GOD!I almost fainted. But in the middle of my panick attack I manage to pull up some acting skills "What?Which guy? noo.. that's not him..that one is my friend" and pointing to some random guy so faar away. "Oh come on, we're late already!!!" Thank you Lord, he gave away the boarding pass and let us ran as fast as we can to the gate. Apparently we found out that the bus which suppose to take us to the plane already leaving and it is impossible for us to reach the plan by feet since we were going to use the plane which just arrived from KL and that time parked in International Terminal while we were in Domestic Terminal(Jeez..what's with those terminalss anywaayysss???). So we got another airlines guy pick us up using a van. I keep asking him "are we the last ones?" you know, just to ease some guilt :P but apparently yeah, we ARE the last, and they are all WAITING for us. I tried to ignore the applause as we entered the plane and as soon as I put my ass down I said to Mario "This better be one hell of a good trip, cos this is too much already for me in one morning"


We arrived at Batam around 8ish, grabbed a cab and went directly to Batam Centre where we going to cross to Singapore via Singapore Straits. One way ferry ticket cost us 21 SGD, we took Penguin cos it was cuter name than BatamFast (now they should really think seriously before naming their ferry company). We had breakfast (finally!), a kaya toast with cheese and honey, not forget to buy some Tolak Angin, my favorite travel kit before get in to the boat. We were too busy chatting around about Malaka Straits, pirates and Johny Depp's movies till we found that the other person who was sit next to Mario moved to another seat. May he found some peace there :P.

silvastar says:
Hahaha..and the funnier thing is I ended up having a relationship with Mario now
Posted on: Sep 01, 2009
Aopaq says:
Loved this entry...too funny! I think you may represent the exact type of person I don't want to travel with. ;)
Posted on: Aug 25, 2009
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