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So I've now been in Da Nang for 2 nights and just moved into the GVN house today. I was staying down the road in a hotel with many of the other volunteers starting in March as well. My roomie, Paula, and I had a double room and for two nights cost us 300 000 Dong, which is equivilent to about $20 CAN. Splitting it made this really cheap, 5 dolla a night!

However, which the bargins come the rewards. I got bitten so bad the first night, my bottom lip swelled to 5 times the size. It looked like those cartoons with outrageous facial features they do for you at six flags with enormous lips, but only my lower lip on the leftside. I also got bit on the eyelid and so my eye was swollen and obviously smaller then the other one. Let me tell you, I was looking fineee yesterday. Today was a bit better, but I got bit again on the same eyelid so my eye still looks a bit ridiculous.

Alas, tonight I'll be sleeping at the main house with a mosquito net, so it should be better (fingers crossed). The food has been great so far, yesterday we had some noodles with bbq pork in a chicken broth for lunch and the most random dinner; mashed potatoes, rice, a dry salad with shrimp, peanuts, and mint, an omlette type egg creation, tomato stuffed with beef sausage, and pineapple. For breakfast, it's basically the same thing everyday. French baguettes with laughing cow cheese, yogurt, asian pear, and bananas.

After lunch yesterday, a few of us headed to China beach. The waterfront strip was so long, with tons of bright sand, blue blue water, and hot sun. After only 10 minutes walkin down the sand to these thatch huts with beach chairs, I put on sunscreen and played in the water. However, later that night I discovered I gotten very burnt... so first day in Vietnam, typically, I'm already burnt.

Luckily today was orientation so I got to stay out of the sun. We had orientation right after breakfast at 8:30 all the way through to lunch. For lunch we had a "vietnamese pizza' made on fresh dough, onions, and a pork sausage of somesort, really good. Shortly after we had lesson in the vietnamese language. Let me tell you, there are atleast 6 different ways to prounce the word 'ma' and they all change the word's meaning to something completely different.

While we were in the lesson a women, whose name I didn't catch, showed up to paint everyone's nails who wanted them done. So for 25000 Dong (just under $2), I had my nails down with oranges and different fruit painted on them!

So far I've been having lots of fun, but the adventure is just starting! Tomorrow's our first day of volunteering and I'm sure will be interesting.

Write soon,
anne819 says:
haha mosquitoes love me as well. :)
Posted on: Mar 01, 2009
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Da Nang
photo by: Vanessa_Mun_Yee