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After Saturday's wedding, 5 of us jumped on the bus for 20 000 Dong (about $1.25) and headed down to Hoi An, about an hour south. After checking into our hotel, we went and got measured for some clothes and headed down to the river to meet up with a few other people from another placement in Vietnam for dinner. After Paula, a woman from my placement, ran into another traveler from England/Egypt, he joined us to total 9 for dinner. With all the lanterns lit up along the river, it made for the perfect backdrop for our patio dinner. I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera, but will be sure too next time. Having a vietnamese curry with fried wonton to start, my meal was excellent. Including a cocktail, the bill came to under $10, quite impressive I thought.

After dinner, we headed to a bar nearby called 'Before and Now.' Very cool place, great artwork, fantastic music, and enough room for all now 11 of us after we ran into 2 Frenchmen that we had met the night before at a housewarming party. After a few drinks, it was already 11:30pm and we jumped into the shuttle 'bus', more realistically a van that legally sat 12 people, and headed to the beach party. Hoi An has a beach party every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, however it was so windy this past Saturday that it was moved to the pool house instead. With a full bar, dance floor, and even a pool I think all of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I even ran into 3 guys from Vancouver, what are the odds? After tons of dancing, a few drinks, and a quick swim, I was shocked to look at my watch and realize the last bus was about to leave. Piling into the van, Beth, a girl from Wales volunteering in Da Nang, and I headed back to town. Dropped off literally 3 blocks from our hotel, we were quite disoriented and ended up wondering around for about an hour before giving in and jumping on the back of a motorbike taxi that took us straight there. Falling asleep much too late, we only slept a few hours before waking to meet everyone for lunch.

We headed across the river this time to the 'Riverside Lounge,' a very posh restaurant with seating upstairs set up like big comfy, white benches with lots of pillows and boxes used as table tops that move as you wish to change positions. Closing the shutters, our waitor put on Tom and Jerry on the overhung projector and all of us ate quietly while watching cartoons on the wall.

The rest of the day was filled with shopping and lying on the beach and as our group continued to dwindle, we were left with 4 for dinner. Eating at an upscale, western restaurant with some vietnamese food called 'Cargo.' I had a delicious goat cheese and spinach lasagna and a lovely brownie with homemade ice cream for dessert. Again, only about $10. After a long taxi ride back to GVN house, I was asleep by 9. This weekend was definitely one I won't forget, nor want to change or add anything.
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