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Thursday, March 29, 2007


So, here is some of what’s currently going on with the preparations for the trip. Remember, this might not sound like standard preparations but maybe more even like a health journal, but… this trip has inspired me to regain my health, so to me it is part of the preparations.

My big realization has been about hydration. I never used to drink water before, and recently I realized that I could go (and have gone) an entire day without drinking so much as a cup of anything. Nothing! Most often I’d have half a cup of tea with breakfast and then essentially nothing the rest of the day, or maybe another cup of tea in the evening. I never felt thirsty so I never thought about it at all! Then, reading the book How We Heal I saw an interesting fact there �" that lung tissue actually shrinks in size (as in, constricts!) if the body is dehydrated, so as to prevent exhaling more fluid. That would explain why I would have trouble breathing in the winter at night �" because the air in the room gets SUPER dry. So I would use an inhaler to force my lungs to stay open even when they are really trying to protect me from further dehydration. By the same token, my skin got so dry it’s scary, and I was getting really frustrated because no matter how much lotion (organic, preservative- and chemical-free!!) I put on, my skin didn’t get even a little better.

I used to think that if I am not thirsty, then it’s okay if I don’t drink, since my body is wise enough to tell me when I should take in fluid. After reading How We Heal I realized that I am just not aware enough to listen to thirst signals, so I likely ignored any signals my body did send. So anyway, the book set me straight there too. And now that I started drinking water on a regular basis, I realized that I am actually thirstier than I thought. And with drinking more water, the immediate reaction has been that my skin has stopped being so dry! Okay enough about water. :)

Aside from water, I am doing everything else that needs to be done about my health right now, at least as much as I can do. I am taking several homeopathic herbs daily (religiously!!), I am getting acupuncture every week (I am so happy about that!), and I am working out every other day. My diet could use a bit of “fixing up”, but it’s not terrible. The most important thing I am doing about my diet is trying my best to only eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m satiated. With this practice, I realized that I actually need a lot less food than I used to eat.

The best thing about this is that although the trip to China is my big motivation, I am doing it all without attachment. It’s hard to explain. Non-attachment has been developing slowly in me over the past couple of months and now it’s at a point where I can feel the difference between attachment and non-attachment. I feel my heart opening (and I meditate on it so it make sense that it responds), and I feel I am attracting amazing things into my life as a result.

Okay, here is what I have to report for the actual trip preparations.

After about 3 dozen emails in every which direction, we now have 4 people doing this trip �" Andrea, Eulix, Karen, and myself. Andrea and Karen are going to Thailand on August 14, then on the 19th Andrea flies to Hong Kong and Karen flies to Beijing to meet Eulix and I, who will fly out to Beijing on the 18th. At this point the three of us start our trip in Beijing �" the Great Wall, Tian An Men square, etc. Then we’ll fly to Yichang, where we will be joined by Andrea for the rest of the trip.

As of right now, all these flights and connections have been figured out and all the right tickets booked. The next step is next week, where Eulix and I have to pay $1200 each and Andrea and Karen have to pay $1500 each for the flight tickets. Once we pay for these, our trip is guaranteed. It’s so exciting!

On the Chinese language front, I learned to count… somewhat. I try to count everything I can to get practice. It’s really funny when I walk up or down the stairs and try to count the steps… and then forget the next number for a second, so I freeze in the middle of a step with my foot in the air. Haha! I haven’t yet begun to use the Chinese in 10 Minutes a Day book �" I haven’t had the time. That’s next! This book has little stickers with common words that I am going to stick all over the apartment so that anywhere I look will be a Chinese word.  My mom doesn’t mind �" she is enjoying learning Chinese too, even though she is not going to China with us.

My travel guide (Eyewitness Travel Guides: China) arrived a couple of days ago. When I first opened it, it presented me with an incredible photograph of the tiered hills where the rice is grown, and even on paper the view just took my breath away. I thought I would cry! I can’t believe I am actually going there!

AndiPerullo says:
Believe it babe! And I'm a huge fan of hydration, so I will make sure you get all the water you need when you are around me. :) Keep up the great work!
Posted on: Mar 29, 2007
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