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"My" husky team

I've been looking forward to this day for a long time. Now that the moment is there I hope my expactations aren't too high.

The bus took us to the husky farm. The sound of 200 dogs barking was overwhelming. Most of us wanted to go to the the dogs right away, but first we had to put on proper clothing. I put on an overall, pretty much the same as we wore during the snowscooter ride. There were extra warm boots available too, but I decided to keep my own shoes. They'd been keeping my feet warm enough the last couple of days.

When we were all dressed up we finally could go to the dogs and sleds. The instructions for riding the sled consisted of showing us were the brakes were and emphasizing on using the brakes a lot.

The sleds had either 4 or 5 dogs.

Our mushers
I'm a small girl so I picked a sled with 4 dogs. It didn't take long to decide on what sled to take; when I walked up to it one of the dogs jumped up to me and just begged to be petted. I still think I had the cuddliest husky team of all the sleds.

The dogs were already harnassed and we were ready to go. I learned fast that it was indeed of great importance to use your full weight on the brakes. Once the dogs sense starting time is almost there they get so excited they start running in place, like you see in cartoons.  Just lift your feet of the brakes and of you go! (sometimes even when you still have a foot on the brakes; those dogs are strong!)

The first part was through the woods, with lots of curves and some hills. This was a good way to learn how to control the sled.

Dushka rolling in the snow to cool down
Some learned the hard way by knocking down there sleds by going to fast at the turns or bumps.  After about an hour we got to Lake Inari and the terrain changed to a vast white plain.  The dogs had broken into a steady trot by then.  It wasn't very cold temparature wise, but standing still on the windy open terrain still persuaded me to run every now and then. Lunch came just in time. A lovely salmon soup prepared by the mushers. By now I'd learned that meals consist of either reindeer or salmon in this part of the world. I also got to know the names of my dogs during the lunch break: Fram, the leader, next to her Sky, Dushka and Kablu behind them. 

Late in the afternoon we arrived at the island we'd be sleeoing on the next two nights. No running water, just a whole in the ice were you could get all the cristal clear water you wanted.  A couple of wooden cabins where we could sleep and like everywhere in Finland: a sauna! It was too late to get the sauna heated and we went straight for diner, which was reindeer of course since we already had salmon for lunch. Everyone was exhausted by this day full of new impressions and we went to bed early.

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My husky team
"My" husky team
Our mushers
Our mushers
Dushka rolling in the snow to cool…
Dushka rolling in the snow to coo…
Sleeping cabin
Sleeping cabin
Lake Inari
photo by: eefab