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The entry fee for the museum is included in the entry fee to the ruin. The fee is approximately $5.00 depending on the current exchange rate with an additional fee of $3.50 for a video camera. The museum and sculpture garden is located at Gate 5 or just to the south of the Pyramid of the Sun. This is the primary display area for artifacts discovered here.
There is a sculpture garden outside the museum where dozens of large stone sculpture are on display to permit photography from all angles.
This is the new museum which is much larger and more sophisticated that the old museum. It gives a detailed overview of the development of Teotihuacan. This museum features all the topics related to to this site such as its origin, a detailed history of construction, religion and it's iconography, social organization, typical diet, methods of agriculture and crops grown, the development and maintenance of the economy and a detailed look at the sophisticated trade system and routes.
There is a series of site maps that depict the growth of Teotihuacan over time.

Currently it is not known where the people of Teotihuacan migrated from nor the precise reason the decline in population around 750 AD. Many theories have been proposed. It is likely that a combination of several factors resulted in a slow decline in population over about 100 years. Non-sustainable farming practices, deforestation, minor changes in rainfall, a slight temperature increase, invasion all are evident at this site.

Teotihuacan's strength must have been a combination of a good administration, strong and sustainable economic growth and a superior military to keep the city on top through the 7th century AD. The city was in decline from around 650 AD to 750 AD when it was finally abandoned.

The museum has numerous interesting and informative exhibits that include ceramic, stone, jade, obsidian and wooden items. The exit path of the museum passes over a large, scale model of the site displayed under your feet. They have created a Plexiglas floor that enables you to move around the site from any perspective you wish.

The sculpture garden is just west of the museum.
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San Juan Teotihuacan
photo by: boicot