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So on Sunday I set forth to the airport at 10:30 p.m. to catch the 1:00 a.m. flight to  Honduras!  I found out my itinerary for the trip which includes 3-4 days of our medical program, 2-3 days of our public health program and 3-4 days of our water program.  I guess it was cheaper for UCSD to fly out of LA so I'm actually on the same flight as 70 of our students which will be great and I'll get to talk more with Chris, the superwoman of UCSD and the first school to have a club for ALL of our programs!  She is pretty much incredible!  At first I was so excited to be on a flight with everyone so I could get to know some of the students going on our program but then I realized I'll be working for almost the entire 24 hours before my flight and chances are I'm probably just going to pass out =(  But that's ok because we'll be on the same brigade for the first few days.

I'm also excited because I realized, though I go to Ghana all the time, they speak English there!  Honduras is primarily Spanish speaking so this will be my first time with a language barrier.  Granted I'll be surrounded by somewhere around 50-100 people at any given time who all speak English as well but still...I'm used to interacting with the locals and being able to get by on my own...for these brigades, I'm going to have to rely on a translator at least a few times here and there.

Regardless, I'm checking my stress at the door and just enjoying the time in Honduras.  It's probably the only trip I won't ever have to plan anything for thanks to Joy who made my schedule and coordinated how I'm getting everywhere.  Food and accomodation is all taken care of as well so I can just sit back and take it all in...and maybe learn a thing two, who knows?  DUH!  Of course, that's why I'm going!

Looks like Steve and I solidifying dates for Steve, QuiQue, Orion, Sandra and Vanessa to head to Ghana in July while I'm down there as well so yay!  We've been conference calling about it forever but it'll be awesome to have some of the coordinators in one place working together.  The layover in London for a few days isn't going to hurt either =)

Get ready to see all the Honduras blogs coming in!
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