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So, we hit our first major roadblock in the expansion to Ghana.  With the significant number of students we send, how do we tackle the problems of malaria.  We will be sending a minimum of 2,300 students to Honduras this year alone which means if we start in Ghana that number will most definitely climb that high as well.  It's inevitable that someone will get malaria at some point in time with those numbers...or is it? 

Sandra, our med student from the UK who will be helping us to start the UK division, is in talks with malaria specialists and researchers helping us to get all the information.  She also just recently studied these diseases in her last course in school.  Orion, our water brigades coordinator who will also be expanding to Ghana alongside our public health program is also looking into it as well.

What are we looking at?  How effective each medication is for the prevention of malaria, which drugs treat which form (there are 4 types of malaria), what the severity of symptoms for each if a student contracts malaria for each medication and how they might differ, protocols if a student gets sick in country, etc.

It's a bump in the road but I'm doing everything in my power to gather all the necessary information so that we can move forward in helping the people of Ghana and offering our students a great opportunity!

If you've ever had malaria, please contact me with your story to help!
Clarafina says:
Hi Cass, I love what you're doing and wish I could be a part of it. :) Let me know if there's ever a veterinary group! I may be a little naive, but can't you do what every group trip organiser does and tell people to seek health advice from their own doctor prior to travelling? And tell them to get travel insurance? I've never been on a trip where the organiser has attempted to cover this info for us. Plus, malaria meds differ depending on whether you have pre-existing conditions and other factors. On the group trips I've been on, there are usually a variety of different protocols being followed and meds being taken for malaria. Good on you for trying to make this work though! Perhaps in your 'pre-travel checklist' or something like that, you could just have 'Speak to your doctor about malaria prevention, and obtain the necessary medication'. Individuals will also have to receive several vaccinations I'm guessing, so this could be discussed in the same visit. GOOD LUCK!!! :)
Posted on: Mar 15, 2009
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