Prologue: Another Inferior Zulu Road Trip (Nua turas)

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The Inferior Zulu's (Est. 2003)

This all came about because of me watching a romantic comedy in November 2008. I think it was P.S. I Love You, but whatever it was it took place partially in Ireland. I'd never been to Ireland. And I loved the footage in the movie and the big softie that I am with movies like this immediately had me yearning for the green and rocky fields. So, what do you do in such a case ... you drop BJ an e-mail. Always the one to pick up any chance of travelling I asked him if he'd already been to Ireland. No. Would he like to go there? Yes. Would it be a good idea for an 'Inferior Zulu Road Trip'? Yes.

Now, this is the bit where I have to explain the name Inferior Zulu's. BJ, Derk and myself have met through our work for the progressive rock website DPRP.

The Inferior Zulu's (Est. 2003)
We enjoyed each others company enough to undertake the occasional trip abroad, normally to some concert, Polish wedding or what have you. During one of our trips, to the West Coast of England where a convention of the band Marillion was held, we actually won the pub quiz with all kinds of difficult questions about this band. Each team had to think up a silly name and we came up with Inferior Zulu's, a word play on the song 'Interior Lulu' by Marillion. Somehow it stuck. Whenever we travel with the three of us it's referred to as an 'Inferior Zulu Road Trip'. If someone else joins us it's an 'Inferior Zulu + 1 Road Trip'. ;-)

So ... within a few days, or maybe it was even hours, it was decided between the three of us that Ireland would be our next Road Trip (not counting the Marillion convention in March; that was too close to home to really be a 'trip').

The Inferior Zulu's (Est. 2003)
Since some of us had other plans for longer trips in 2009 it would have to be a shorter one, so we opted for sampling the Irish way of life in Dublin and surroundings.  A flight was immediately booked and Lonely Planets were purchased.

Several months and other travels passed by and sometime in April the question arose 'what exactly are we going to do in Dublin?'. An extensive pub crawl seemed to be an obvious choice, but leafing through the Lonely Planet City Guide it quickly became obvious that the city had much more to offer than pints of larger and Guinness. Without a doubts we'd have more than enough fun stuff to fill the four days we'd be in the city. I decided to head for BJ's place in Hilversum the day before to be closer to Schiphol Airport, which would make things a bit more convenient on Thursday.

edsander says:
@ cloggytim: no you were 'plus one' in 'The Inferior Zulu's plus one'. ;-)
Posted on: Sep 06, 2010
cloggytim says:
Hey I was one of the Zulu's as well right? ;)
Posted on: Sep 05, 2010
pebbles2k2 says:
The pictures all reminded me of a U2 album cover. Congratulations on the feature as well.
Posted on: May 31, 2009
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The Inferior Zulus (Est. 2003)
The Inferior Zulu's (Est. 2003)
The Inferior Zulus (Est. 2003)
The Inferior Zulu's (Est. 2003)
The Inferior Zulus (Est. 2003)
The Inferior Zulu's (Est. 2003)
photo by: Biedjee