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The preperations... Stretching, testing your water spout, maing sure you bags on comfortably...

We set off early in the mornng in a mini bus to the start of our trek. I was still whoozy from a dodgy night feeling ill and I hadn't been able to keep food down for over 12 hours so was feeling pretty weak. I was so determined to make it though, so I drank plenty of water, rehydration salts and sports drinks. This little concoction would get me through it! The doctor was excellent, unfortunately for her about 4 of the group had fallen ill with the bug and she had her work cut out for her!

The views over the Andes were literally breathtaking (or was that just the lack of oxygen?!) I was so pleased to be there, so many people had sponsored me to do the trek and the charity Scope does such good work I did feel priveleged to be trekking for them and the amazing work they do.

And we're off! :)

Lunch proved an interesting event! The cooks on our trip were truely heroes! The meals they produced on the side of a mountain were brilliant. Although, I wasn't ready to begin sampling it yet... I took lunch as an opportunity to relax and spent the time laid down drinking my drinks. My illness was definately taking a turn for the worst! What made it even more of struggle was the long drop... Now I realised the Andes would not provide us with 5* toilets and ordinarily a long drop wouldn't bother me... however filling incredibly ill the experience was even worse! Plus there was a visitor in the long drop... a tarantula!!! I didn't care how ill I was I wasn't sharing my toilet with a trantula! :)

That afternoon the trek proved too difficult for me, no sleep, food and a stomach crunching bug got the better of me.

The first amazing views of the Andes.
The leaders took the decision to put me on a horse and I went ahead of the other trekkers to the camp. I felt awful and a bit of a cheat... But it had come to the point were I couldn't stand. Trekking was impossible.

On arrival at the camp I went straight to my tent and the night is a complete and utter haze to me. I vaguely remember hearing the others arrive at the camp and the doctor coming to see me. She took my temperature and listened to my stomach. I was given two choices: 1. Give up the trek and head back to Cusco or 2. be injected with a fast working anti sickness in the rear end! I'd come so far and wasn't giving up so went straight for the jab...

That night was a long night...

ickleem says:
Ha ha, yeah she did. There was no messing around and the jab HURT! But so glad I carried on :)
Posted on: Mar 02, 2009
hannah-lou says:
You poor thing!!! At least you kept going :)
Posted on: Feb 28, 2009
vances says:
Sounds like your doctor got her point across!
Posted on: Feb 27, 2009
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The preperations... Stretching, te…
The preperations... Stretching, t…
And were off! :)
And we're off! :)
The first amazing views of the And…
The first amazing views of the An…
Really breathtaking views.
Really breathtaking views.
An idea of how high up we were get…
An idea of how high up we were ge…
This was my last picture before ge…
This was my last picture before g…
photo by: Vlindeke