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So, I headed out from the bus station......a little confused. That is my usual state upon entering a new city in a new country....so I'll move on. I headed in the direction of the Old Town and river, that's where the action and the good stuff always is.  I pass an intersting church with a bell shaped spire.....looks to new....move on. I reach the river and see the amazing grand mountains in the background with much snow plopped on top. What a backdrop. I walk along the river to see a very large beautifully maintained Turkish bridge. It's quite a long one .....I think 7 arches, usually I've seem 1. 2. or 3.  Anyway, upon my approach as I walk the river path, I see a fortification upon a hill with the Macedonian flag waving proudly. I walked up onto the bridge for a better view .

....definitely medieval or older. The only thing marring the view is the many mundane builidings with tacky signs blocking the stately view. I continue to walk across the bridge and up a cobblestone pedestrian street filled with shops selling Turkish shoes and garments and cafes with coffee and pastries of the same theme. I walked up a narrow path to reveal a wooden belltower of the Church of the Assension. How beautiful and a bit different as far as belltowers go. I retrace my step and head across the bridge again to the main city square. A group of late teens were gathered with signs stating in English.....FREE HUGS. I considrered it for a moment.......I could use one.......I went on my way. I headed down the pedestrian path and was taken aback by a structure of extreme modernity and color and mixture of shapes and materials. Upon closer inspection there was a statue of Mother Theresa (Born in Skopje) and this  a building dedicated to her????? CONFUSED....as she is...I am sure!!! I continued down the path to a shop that I had read about there the right side of the path almost to the end, a shop that sells Macedonian made crafts. I stopped in and found many treasures....Hand pained icons, embroidery, fillagree, metalwork, carvings, pottery...and much more. I decided to stop in on Monday, when I return to catch my bus to Ohrid, Macedonia. Ok.....off to the bus. Kosovo, here I come.  

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photo by: Fulla