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Ladies and Gents
I'm sure you've all been patiently awaiting my most recent update, let me tell you we've been crazy busy these last three days!!!  Rome is hectic as hell!!!  there are so many people in this small ass city and it's absolute chaos everywhere.  People literally walk in the streets all the time, I don't know how people drive here!
anywho, we went to see an American movie our first day here we were tired from the traveling and whatnot, perhaps you've heard of it... Cinderella Man, great film by the way... we just needed a taste of home
we've eaten more pizza in the last two weeks than I think I've eaten in the last year everywhere you turn, pizza pizza pizza!  one would think this is a blessing in disguise, but it's not as good as home sadly :(
anywho, yesterday we went on a tour of ancient Rome... oooooohhhhh aaaaaahhhh the city was built on top of it so there were excavations - lots of rocks and rubble mostly but very educational!  we saw the colosseum, the trevi fountain, the pantheon, a crapload of arches, the list goes on and on and on really
then we went for a charming dinner at a place called Alfredo's their quite famous for the fettucini alfredo and it was quite good, we also ate some penne w/ vodka sauce, quite delicious, we then finished off a bottle of wine, ate desert and strolled back toward our hotel where we were picked up by some hot guys in a volkswagen station wagon, we went with them to an underground dance party where the drugs and sex were rolling freely!! ok so seriously, everything after the stroll toward our hotel DIDN'T happen, but it does make for a much more interesting story... and there were some hot guys rolling the vw wagon! 
today we toured the vatican, there's an absolutely obsene amount of artwork, bronze, silver, gold, etc adorning the building.  we paid £15 for the tour and an additional £8 for the museums that rounds out to roughly $32!!!  The Euro is worth like $1.30... it's BS I tell you!!!  I mean Catholics should get in for free, our faith is keeping the church alive! 
anywho, the sistine chapel was awesome, it's hard to believe it's a chapel b/c it just appears to be used for museum purposes it doesn't look like they have mass in there or anything
and St Peter's Church is truly amazing!!!   the sculptures are honestly larger than life, they've got to be like 30 feet tall and incredibly detailed, that Michelangelo and his painter/ sculptor friends were something else, that poor man (who wasn't so poor even back then) spent over 4 years painting that ceiling... I couldn't imagine I mean I spent 3 hours staring at the ceilings and my neck is KILLING me!
well, I'm loving my trip but I can't wait to go home, only 5 more days
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photo by: vulindlela