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it's our last night in Florence and it's sure to be an ever so non-exciting one.  apparently most of Florence disappears during the summer months so all the hot spots are closed or re-located to the beach... where?  I see no nearby beach
we went to this amazing club called space, and when I say amazing I mean amazing in the sense that it's still open... the music was terrible, early 90's techno, when we tried to leave the doorman Lorenzo refused to let us and told us they'd be playing hip-hop in 30 minutes... you know the usual 12:42 start time so we waited over an hour... still the same music oh but we met some fine Italian men who followed us shamelessly around the club even when we tried to escape and pretended not to understand any language they spoke to us in.  after bee-lining to the bathroom we hung out for a good 10 minutes and then literally ran for the exit where again Lorenzo tried to persuade us to stay longer.
on the upside though we had some delicious ravioli at this place around the corner beforehand
last night was another adventure to nowhere, we tried to go to Brazil's (just b/c it has Brazilian food doesn't mean it's called Brazil's ANITA!!!!) which is really Maracana which has moved to the beach for the season, we then walked around aimlessly then tried to head for a place called Central Park conveniently located near another club Metaca (something along those lines) which to our dismay and really at no surprise were closed!!!!  oh the hilarity of Florence
don't get me wrong the scenery is lovely, minus the brown river where today we witnessed a man sunbathing in the nude and another picking up sticks and then throwing them back
oh and yesterday we witnessed a public urinator on our fun bus in the pouring rain and today we saw people getting dressed outside the train station... a bunch of transients here it seems
I'm definitely enjoying the ability to catch up on Hurricane Katrina b/c CNN is the only channel that comes in in English and catching some much needed beauty rest before our trip to Rome tomorrow.  We have plenty of 3 hour tours and lots 'o walking which will undoubtedly make for a rockin' good time

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photo by: spocklogic