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So I know what you're thinking: "Why in the world did you go to Latvia?"  Well, the answer is to hang out with my girl Kate, who happens to live there.  I figured I would never visit this country in my life w/o some sort of reason.  My overall impression is this place is freakin' cold.  It was in the 30's (Farenheit) the entire time I was there and had some small snow flurries pretty much every day.  Ridiculous for the second week in April, but I digress.  Since it was Easter weekend, alot of museums were closed but I still managed to walk around and see the other "sights" of Riga.  We even traveled to Rundales Pils Muzejs (Rundale Palace Museum), which was about an hour outside of Riga.  The sights were okay, but the highlights of my trip happened at night (what a surprise).  On Friday night, we went out and managed to run into a group of Swedish dudes - one of which told me I looked like a gangsta w/ my black leather jacket and earrings and asked me if I had some cocaine.  Of course I didn't, but I found it amusing.  At this same club, I informed our waitress the Long Island Ice Tea I had been served was a bit weak and asked for a double.  What I got in return was a pitchter of slightly stronger Long Island Ice Tea.  I took that as a challenge and decided I had to finish it, but it beat me.  Then on Saturday afternoon, we stopped at the "Black Cat bar" (Melnais Kakis is the real name) across from the big guild for a pit stop.  We managed to spend four hours in there talking to some random Latvian guy and hanging out with the bartender, all the while playing great music on the jukebox.  After having some dinner - where we ran into the Swedish dudes from above - we met up with a group of European expats (Finnish, Swedish, German, Dutch, French) and Americans at a Belgian bar.  We then moved on to Melnais Kakis (of course we had to go back later that night) where we proceeded to hang out with the group and the bartender, who hooked us up big time on the tab.  I love that guy.  Also, the beer in Latvia was surprisingly tasty.  That's all I got from this country. 
CrazyLisa says:
Sounds like an interesting time. Haha leather jacket and earrings means you have cocaine?? funny!
Posted on: Apr 11, 2007
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