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Chowing down the afternoon's work of prawn fishing!

A 5 day trip to Singapore again, coupled with renewing and filing for my work visa.
This time I made it a point to contact everyone I could meet up.

I did not expect that it would be fun and memorable.

I took the cheaper and more scenic route of flying to Batam in Indonesia first, then take the 40 min ferry to Singapore.

Calling my 2nd time host-good friend Foyan on the payphone, I found out that the Fishing Meetup of Travbuddies was in a little over an hour. Perfect timing.

I took the MRT as fast I could to the area. The funny thing is, no matter how small Singapore is, I still managed to get confused with the MRT line, especially when there are throngs of people on the intersecting stations.

This is where I met the Singapore Travbuddies.

Meeting up with college friend Joel
A nice bunch of people who were either busy fishing for prawns at a nice fishing pond in Bishan or chatting around a shaded table. This group has impressed me with their creativity on things to do in a relatively small country/city.

This meetup went on well till dinner time.

I enjoyed the next day attending the Sunday Service of Singapore's Every Nation church for the 2nd time at Amara Hotel. Coincidentally I bumped into good friend's Janna and Jem and shared a Subway lunch with them.

Upon my persistence, I finally got to meet up with college friend Joel after over 5 years. Following his advise, I waited for him at Lucky Plaza. This was not so exciting as the place was packed with sadly, Filipino domestic helpers on their rest day. I did make the most of the experience by poring over English books on sale, which are so hard to find in Indonesia.

Last night out

I was then left on my own to sentimentally walk around and enjoy a McDonalds dinner around the Orchard area.

With my limited knowledge that only the famous Sentosa island had nice beaches, I was ecstatic to find out that the East coast part of Singapore had a nice, decent, free beach. This I discovered with Janna who lived 15 min away from the place the next day. 

It was a huge man made beach-park that were filled with people jogging around, walking their dogs, biking (you can rent a bike for $5), or for couples, cuddling at the dock, benches and tents. We enjoyed this from sunset till early evening.

Apart from going back and forth Chinatown to meet with the travel agent for my work visa, I also got to spend another afternoon finally touring Little India which I longed to see since my last visit.

Lunch with Sophie before boarding the ferry
Just smelling the spices and food, and seeing the Indian styled houses and shops, was already a cultural experience I appreciated.

A relatively short lunch with my current boss' friend, Mariani was also sneaked in the schedule.

We had yet another Travbuddy meetup on my last evening,courtesy of my soon-to-be-married hosts, Malvin and Foyan. It was a nice and crazy evening with newly met friends Maddy, Matt, Caroline, Omar, and old friend Augustan. The couple brought us to a nice hawker food area and bar near Clark Quay.

Lunch with Augustan's cousin, Sophie, was a pleasant conclusion to my stay in the city.

I did not think that the trip would make me so melancholic as I got back to the hustle bustle of Jakarta, which is the complete opposite of Singapore's easy, disciplined life. But as soon as I reached the Batam airport, I had to wrench myself from the memory and accept again the mission set out for me.

coffeefairy says:
we're always happy to have you here in Singapore! :)
Posted on: Apr 07, 2009
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Chowing down the afternoons work …
Chowing down the afternoon's work…
Meeting up with college friend Joel
Meeting up with college friend Joel
Last night out
Last night out
Lunch with Sophie before boarding …
Lunch with Sophie before boarding…
Janna finding an ant in the sand, …
Janna finding an ant in the sand,…
Sunset at East coast beach
Sunset at East coast beach
Going gaga over Indian bangles!!!
Going gaga over Indian bangles!!!
Forcing myself to have the Indian …
Forcing myself to have the Indian…
Around Little India
Around Little India
Who ever thought she was shy?
Who ever thought she was shy?
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