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What is this ferris wheel?
I regretfully had to fly out to Singapore to renew my tourist visa. All along I was complacent not to plan it as I  was confident my current employer would do it for me. I was badly mistaken.

The first consequence I suffered was trying to get a return plane ticket in less than 48 hrs before the flight which meant I could not use my credit card online. Fortunately I remembered that my first host, Elsa was a travel agent and she handled the mess for me. I got my ticket the day before I flew out, I had to pay in US dollars. I cashed them all at Yogyakarta The money changers were cheating me out of the exchange since it was a weekend.

The beautiful durian shaped buildings, brings back memories
After haggling with the rep at the office Elsa advised me to go to, I paid half in rupiah and half was to be settled when I got back from the trip.

With that out of the way I flew out, deciding to crash at a good friend's place, fellow TB, Foyan. Fully confident I had her address and phone number in hand as I filled out the Immigration card, only to find out that it was another potential host in Jakarta. Too late!

Good thing Liz' number was working and we were able to meet up after I attended a predominantly Filipino-American participant Every Nation Church at Amada Hotel.

I got to see a side of Orchard road and Clark Quay on foot as I'd never seen 4 years ago, I found it impressive and refreshing once again.

I have gotten used to walking  a lot being around travellers most of the time.

Next problem resolved was going online, hoping Foyan or another friend, Chris was online to rescue me from a potentially homeless night as Liz plane was flying out that eve.

Chris was luckily on invisible mode, gave me Foy's number which I called from Liz place to arrange for a meet up.

A homeless night was resolved.

This time I wanted to just chill around Singapore as I drained myself 4 years ago going highly touristy in 3 days, not fun.

The day I was flying out I was invited to lunch by  a HS friend, Janna  at her home with good old home cooked pasta. She and her hubby had a conveniently situated house 30 min away from the airport compared to Foy's at the other end of the map.

Aren't we cute? Still forcing an ice cream quickie minutes before my flight.

Staying way too  long at Janna's place though resulted to a nerve wracking first time incident. I was left by my plane back.

I got there 20 min before flight time with 2 other passengers, none of the people at the airport or nearby counters could help us. Calling the number of the airline on my ticket through the other passenger's friend we found out in Bahasa that the only option was to book for the next afternoon, the ticket being non refundable as it was cheap.

Totally disoriented, without credits on my Indonesian number, I called Foyan, the only Singapore contact I had and asked for help. She helped me decide to look for other airlines flying out that evening.

After 3 hrs of going around crazily like a headless chicken, taking all the airbuses to all the terminals around Singapore airport, I was able to settle on the cheapest, earliest carrier out, Jetstar.

I was totally flustered with the surreal experience which I had to endure since I could not miss work early the next day.

I arrived crawling, shakingly exhausted at host's place close to midnight.

The most horrible and expensive overnight I've ever had. Such poor planning.

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What is this ferris wheel?
What is this ferris wheel?
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The beautiful durian shaped build…
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Aren't we cute? Still forcing an …
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