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So my sightseeing of Munich consisted of me visiting the toilet every half hour.  It all started the night I arrived...Happy hour and too many Australians in one room.  But my downfall and the loss of all memory happened after I had a Jagerbomb (those things will be the death of me).  I woke up the next morning very confused, still wearing my clothes from the night before, but without shoes.  These shoes were nowhere to be found (and the only ones I brought with me), but I knew they had to be in the hostel.  I couldn't imagine anyone stealing size 6 shoes with holes in them, so I figured one of the guys was playing a prank on me, but after asking everyone, their memories were as hazy as mine.

The beginning of the end at the hostel bar
  After a few hours, after the 10:00 free walking tour was long gone, I found my shoes in the downstairs girls bathroom.  There was another walking tour at 12:30, but at this point my hangover had kicked in and it was all over after that.  I accepted the fact that I wouldn't be seeing the city, especially since I had to catch a train to Paris the next morning.  So much for Munich.  Nah, Munich wasn't bad at all, I had another great night and met a lot of great people and that's what makes a place memorable for me, even though there's a big chunk that I don't remember...
After some 2 weeks of fast paced travel, I'm looking forward to going to Paris and just sleeping and taking a break from all this Dutch beer.  But I have a feeling the French wine is waiting for me.

Thoughts while in Germany:

-I love pretending to talk in German with a ridiculous German accent.
-The Dutch love Ben & Jerry's
-Nothing really stood out, maybe because they have things so under control and together.  People are very logical here.

CandyKelii says:
I like that I'm the only one that blew a day in Munich. You did yours the proper way with getting drunk and making a swell evening out of it. I instead went rounds with a drunk chick and me being the sober one was able to spit in her face. Her ass ended on the pavement and I was requested to call it a night. Farewell Munich!

I like your ending how you pretended to talk in German. I couldn't bring myself to do something like that.
Posted on: May 04, 2009
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The beginning of the end at the ho…
The beginning of the end at the h…
Crazy Night #2
Crazy Night #2
photo by: AleksandraEa