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Got on a train today at 11am in Venice and didn't get to my final destination (Nice, France) until 9pm. I had finished my book, so for the 10 hours I was left alone with just my thoughts and some music once in a while. The train ride to Milan was nice with the Alps to the North, but this Italian man wouldn't stop talking to me in Italian.
I connected in Milan for about 30mins, so I didn't see anything but the train station. But that's ok, apparently there's not much to do there but shop and see a couple of sites and I was tired of seeing tourist attractions. While standing there, waiting for my train that would be taking me out of Italy, I tried to soak in these final moments in Italy. But I felt like there was nothing left to soak in. I suppose it's a good thing, feels like I'm leaving with no regrets and satisfied, whereas when I left Greece it felt like I was fleeing the country.

Thoughts while in Italy:

•I think I had a culture shock in Greece, the men and all. Because the men were still annoying here, but they didn't seem as bad. But then again none of them tried to grab me here.
•Driving here is like nothing I've ever seen. Traffic lanes don't exist and they will attempt to manoeuver their car into any space imaginable, while drinking, eating and talking on their cell phone.
•They honk their horn here a lot too, but sometimes I get the impression that they're saying "hello" instead of "get out of the way ?&@$ head".
•When Italians speak to each other it sounds like they're fighting, but they're really just having a friendly discussion
•I'm getting better at recognizing different nationalities. Americans are the easiest because of the way they dress, their accent and, well, they're the really fat ones.
•I've never seen so many men care so much about fashion.
•Couples are very affectionate here. It almost appears as a territorial thing.
•Since arriving in Europe I have learned how to flush a toilet and open a door in 10 different ways. It's like everytime is a learning experience.
•I can't get over all the nuns and monks walking around, especially in Rome.
•Greeks say "Oopa" a lot, Italians say "mama mia" a lot.
•Italians won't make way for anyone. They have no shame. They will cut in front of you in line at every opportunity. Canadians walking down Italian sidewalks-beware.
•All there is to eat here are sandwiches, pasta and pizza.
•I'm getting sick of all the cranes in my pictures. There's always construction going on at the major sites.
•I refuse to adopt their customs to try to blend in. I will uphold the good Canadian image. I will continue to be polite and courteous even though they aren't with me. I'm a guest in their country.
•I miss: my bed, having a variety of clean clothes, meals, decent sized showers.
terry7878 says:
You must see how bad they drive in Egypt or Turkey.. I am sure no comparison to italian driving!!
Posted on: Jul 25, 2009
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