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Sunday, Fatima and I hired a private driver to bring us to Delphi and back. Yes it was expensive and yes I regret it, but what's done is done. When we got back, I booked my ticket out of here, to Naples, Italy.

Thoughts & things I noticed in Greece:
•The islands were really nice and the people were nicer here than the mainland.
•I didn't like Athens. The street signs were confusing, the men annoying & the women cold.
•There are a lot of stray cats and dogs, especially at the archeological sites.
•Marble is very slippery and cold, but so pretty. Oia, Santorini had marble streets.
•I was skeptical when sellers insisted everything was handmade. Every shop had all the exact same things.
•A lot of the houses used solar panels and there were wind turbines everywhere. Very cool.
• I was surprised at how often Greeks actually say opa.
• They sure have a lot of mythical history.
• They love honking their horns in Athens. I think it's worse than New York, because half of them are on motorbikes and start having yellng matches right in the middle of traffic, stopping everything and so causing more honking.
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I loved the mountains here
I loved the mountains here
The climb up was well worth the vi…
The climb up was well worth the v…
A really spectacular site
A really spectacular site
photo by: danielrice20