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The view from the restaurant where we had a seafood lunch on arrival in Davao
Since the lodge is a fair ways away from the airport, we all awoke early and headed back to the airport. At about 6:30am, we were 45 minutes away from the airport and we get the call. The flights are cancelled. We aren't really surprised as we could see the water level had risen significantly and many of the fields were flooded. There was talk that this storm wouldn't end until Tuesday. That posed a little problem since Julia's international flight left on Sunday. As there was no point in continuing on to the airport we turned around and started heading back to the lodge while discussing our options.

1. We could wait at the Lodge and hope that it will clear up in the afternoon and flights will be able to land and leave. The outlook didn't look good.

2. Drive 5 hours south to Davao, where the weather was better, and fly out from there

Either option was looking rather unappealing.
Is it ironic that the nicest beach that we've seen so far, despite our best efforts, has been here in Davao, where we were never supposed to be in the first place?

We ended up all driving down to Davao that day. It's really a beautiful drive through mountains and small villages, though it is going through a slightly dangerous area in Mindanao. Though it's a hassle to have to go so far to take a flight out, it certainly added to the adventure and allowed us to see a different part of the Philippines that we never thought we'd see.

We arrived in Davao and ate at a seafood restaurant near the water, before, of course, heading to the SM mall to waste some time before our flight left that evening from the Davao international airport.

Just to top off the day, we endured a bit more chaos at the airport. We were relieved to be on the right track towards the way back to Manila; however, when we were meeting at the mall to head to the airport, some people were late and we were forced to rush to the airport and through check-in. It turns out that though we were checking in at the same time, Julia and I were bumped off the flight because they weren't checking in any more passengers. Oh good. Luckily we were able to get on a flight leaving half an hour later.
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The view from the restaurant where…
The view from the restaurant wher…
Is it ironic that the nicest beach…
Is it ironic that the nicest beac…
Blissfully excited to be heading b…
Blissfully excited to be heading …
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