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The Balingoan ferry terminal
Julia and I were all ready for Camiguin. We had amped ourselves up by the descriptions and stories we've heard of the island, just off the northern edge of Mindanao and were ready to explore. We had heard of volcanoes, beaches and fun and were ready to embark on our adventure. We were planning to stay at the Paras Beach Resort and had heard some good things about it. We took a bus to Balingoan (about 2 hours) from Cagayan de Oro, where we would take the ferry to Camiguin. Again, being the only two obvious foreigners on the bus, the bus driver told us when to get off, and made sure we knew how to get to the ferry terminal. A short tricycle ride later, we were there.
Bus from Balingoan to Cagayan de Oro
We saw the ferry... a good sign! Though it had started raining, we were still hopeful that we would have a nice relaxing few days before heading back to Manila on Thursday.

We paid a small 15 peso fee to wait in the ferry terminal, so we sat down and waited... and waited... and waited.... People were coming and going, and we were trying to figure out whether they were loading or unloading, leaving or coming. As the waiting room continued to fill and we continued to be poked in the back by children from outside the window we were sitting against, we grew a little weary. We knew that in the Philippines, delays were long, and we'd have to deal with it, so we endured it longer. Eventually we pieced together that because of the weather, the water was too rough and the coast guard wasn't allowing any of the ferries to leave.
It was leaning towards 5 hours of waiting time. It was enough time to have to pee twice, get yelled at by a very angry Filipino woman, and read 50 pages of my book before I realized I had, in fact, already read it before. Soon, we had had enough. We called the travel agent who had helped us organize this trip, and she was able to find us a hotel to stay at in Cagayan de Oro and try to rebook our flights to leave earlier, since we obviously weren't going to Camiguin. The weather was only getting worse as we watched the ferry rock back and forth and hit the dock with occasionally booms. So we headed back out and found a bus back to Cagayan de Oro, another 2 hours.

When we got to the bus station, we took a cab to the Dynasty Hotel. And settled in. It was nice to be able to lie down somewhere and relax for a little bit. We found out that most of the flights to Manila had been cancelled due to the weather that day. There was an extra flight tomorrow that we may be able to make, so we were going to try our best to get out to the airport early in the morning and take it. That night we walked around Cagayan de Oro a little bit and explored the city. It's a nice city to walk around, and it felt pretty safe. It's quite a university town and there are lots of stores to look in and restaurants to try. Our moods were a little better with the hope of being able to get back to Manila tomorrow after our disappoining day.
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The Balingoan ferry terminal
The Balingoan ferry terminal
Bus from Balingoan to Cagayan de O…
Bus from Balingoan to Cagayan de …
Halo halo
Halo halo
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Cagayan de Oro
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