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Saturday morning came too soon....we had been out late the night before with the meet up folks but we had to get up early to get to the embassy when they opened at 9am.  Of course it had to still be raining so I opted to throw my hair back again and just go.  We hopped in a cab and we were there in no time.  The embassy was not what I expected - very informal big room with a huge table, some couches, and then a counter behind glass.  I just was so used to stuffy government type offices, I was not expecting this.  There was an older woman handing out numbers and we were like third in line. 

After sitting there a bit she confirmed we were there to pick up my Visa.  We told her I was moving there and she was surprised.  Brett showed her his ARC card and she was excited.  They talked about Taipei and the Beitou area a bit and next thing you know, we were up.  I had been really nervous that they had gone ahead and sent my Visa w/the Fed Ex envelope I included..I had called earlier in the week and told them I was moving out of my house sooner than expected and could I pick it up in person. They said no problem but you just never know whether it would get flagged.  Turns out the girl I spoke with on the phone was the one helping us. She handed me everything and we were set.  Super easy....a big page in my passport now but I am a resident of Taiwan. Whoo Hoo...can't wait to use it the first time! :D

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