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After leaving Temecula around 8ish, we decided to continue on and drive the 9 more miles to Pala to get some dinner and let Mom play some slot machines.  We drove about 4 miles south on 15 fwy and then I read it was 5 miles east on the highway 76.  I was not expecting a one lane road and it being pitch black with lots of nice curves.  Loooovely! 

After lots of turns and Mom's complaints about my driving, we arrived - in one piece no less! First stop was to the buffet which we completely decided against since the line was worse than a Vegas buffet and since it closed in 2 hours, what was the point of standing in line for 1 of the 2?!?! 

We walked all over and checked out the restaurant line up and decided just to eat at the cafe since it was so late. There was a deli but I really wanted to be waited  We got seated after about 15 minutes (there was only one party ahead of us and the restaurant was less than half full) and Mom opted for the hamburger and I had breakfast.  I love bacon and eggs for dinner! :D  The food was good and I really felt sorry for our server who had two of the rudest women I've seen!  As they were being seated, they asked if they could order right that minute.  The hostess explained their server would be over and they grumbled quite a bit.  As we were waiting to pay our bill and the waitress was talking to us, they were trying to rudely interrupt and demand she take their money now.  I felt for her - people like that would keep me out of the serving industry all together!

After we were done with dinner, we wanted to find a slot machine...OMG what a nightmare!  No machines were open in the non-smoking area so we ended up with all the smokers and still couldn't find a machine (unless you wanted a $2 one lol).  Finally Mom found a couple machines that she was able to lose some money on.  The second one she found had the machine next to it empty and I debated but ended up just standing behind her.  Someone came up and asked me if I was playing the machine and I told him to go right ahead.  I ended up watching him and good grief....he put in $20 and was well over $200 within minutes....mind you this was a 5 cent machine! 

I ended up finding a machine and lost $10 total so I was at my limit for the trip! LOL.  We finally got on the road for what was likely to be a 3 hour drive back, putting us in around 1:30am. Uuuuugh!

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photo by: cneoridium