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OMG this was so much harder than I imagined. What to pack? What can I live without for the next couple months until I move out there?  And how much can I actually get into suitcases and still manage to carry without killing myself once I am at the airport.  Oh, and let's not forget the most important...what is actually going to fit in the car in order to get to the airport in the first place?!?!? LOL.

Well, for once I didn't wait until the last minute to pack...only til the night before! :D Mom was there to help me as we conquered the vacuum pack space bags.  What a riot - I learned that you don't take the whole thing off otherwise it sorta blows air everywhere.  Ooopsie. 

After lots of interesting attempts and trying to fit 8 bottles of wine and a bunch of clothes and shoes in the suitcases...I finally made it except I could barely lift almost 3 of them.  Repeated attempts of trying to get them on the scale showed they were all well over the 50lb limit.  One over the limit is fine but 4 bags when I already have to pay excess baggage charges for two suitcases.  Decisions decisions.......

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