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As we were driving back from the cemetery, Mom drove by my old high school.  It has changed quite a bit since the late 1980's! LOL.  One of the main things we did not have were decent bleachers so we could have night games with lights!  Of course, when I was attending there, we had such a bad rap as being a school with absolutely no talent (sports wise) so I guess it did not matter.  I attended the Magnet Math/Science program with all the smart kids - didn't say I was smart, just went to school with them!  Some people went on to MIT, Yale, Harvard, yeah..hard core!  As for sports, we played against some of the power giants of the South Bay like Banning and Carson High.  Funny thing is I guess when Mom attended there in the 60's they had not won a football game then either!  I remember in my 3 years there, our Jr Varsity team one ONCE! LOL. 

Recently, I heard on the radio people were googling their high school and they will list notable persons who attended and/or graduated.  I checked Narbonne while writing this and what the heck....for being such a bad school for athletes, why do we have quite a list of notable people, most of which are sports related!!!!!!!!!?????  I've included the list pasted below.  Quentin Tarentino went to my school!! LOL.  The only person of note per the list that I was in school with was a news anchor who graduated in 1992. 

[edit] Notable Alumni

Attended but did not graduate from Narbonne

  • Frank Black (Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV) – Musician, Pixies lead singer
  • Bo Derek (Mary Cathleen Collins) – Movie actress and supermodel.
  • Rick Griffin – Artist and illustrator [10]
  • Amir Johnson – NBA Forward for the Detroit Pistons. Graduated from Westchester High School in Los Angeles, California and entered the NBA draft upon graduation. He was chosen 56th overall by the Detroit Pistons in the 2005 NBA Draft.
  • Bill Sharman – NBA 8-time All-Star and 4-time champion with the Boston Celtics. LA Lakers Head Coach 1971–76, NBA Champions 1972. [11]
  • Quentin Tarantino – Film director, actor.

[edit] Narbonne in the Media

Narbonne has been a filming location for the following movies:

  • Trippin' aka G's Trippin' (1999)
  • 1977 (2007)
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