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It's Friday night - our first weekend out in Taiwan (last weekend didn't count since we just ran errands all weekend mostly).  We decided to check out an interesting place for dinner - it's called Modern Toilet.  Your drinks are served in urinals, your food in toilet bowls...Awwww yeah! Very interesting concept and apparently one that has taken off quite well as they've opened several different restaurants just around Taipei.  The concept got rave reviews but so did the food which was good.

We arrived around 6ish and I was surprised they were not packed since I read they get so busy on the weekends, they won't take reservations.  I had checked out their menu online so I was already set with my order.  Another chicken curry dish.

..served in a piping hot toilet bowl! LOL.

I will say the chicken curry there was by far, one of the best (if not the best) chicken curry I've ever eaten.  I have been craving again ever since! Now, when dessert was served, I was a little unclear what toilet accessory it was.  Brett said it was a squat toilet...I was like, "huh?"  Umm, yeah....a squat toilet...apparently rather common in outlying areas of Taiwan as I later learned.  YUCK! But the ice cream was pretty tasty...shaped like a pile of poo! LOL. 

I can't wait to go back to this restaurant again - I am sure we will be taking James when he comes out in July!! :D

After dinner, we wandered some of the shops in the area.  Oh fun times for me...not so much for poor Brett!  I found several stores that carried lots of fun Pooh and other Disney stuff.  I also found a store that carries some scrapbooking supplies...oh fun times for me!  I am going to need a job out there just to pay for my Disney and scrapbook supplies!

pinchora says:
OK... so you already went to modern toilet!!! I guess you're one step ahead of me! ha ha ha
Posted on: Jun 02, 2009
poohstanggt says:
I know it's not but that is the only place elsewhere in Asia I've been! LOL. Belize is all normal least on the mainland parts I've seen. We've passed through some little tiny villages but never stopped so no clue. Guess I am prissy, I dunno! HAHA. I found out today they have the squat ones in the Taipei airport too! At least 3 were normal and 1 was a squat!
Posted on: May 31, 2009
jenn79 says:
Korea is not a developing country!! None in Belize??
Posted on: May 31, 2009
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