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OMG...our challenging first day.  We planned to check out Ikea, Costco, and do some grocery shopping!  We quickly learned that the GPS in this car SUCKS!  We got incredibly lost trying to find the Ikea and eventually gave up, heading to the one at Asia World where Brett was more familiar with.

After measuring some stuff at Ikea and then buying some basics we needed for the kitchen, we headed off in search of somewhere to grab a quick bite to eat.  We found this Cafe at the hotel next door which was pretty packed and they had an all you can eat buffet for about $13 pp.  We decided to check it out and OMG, we pigged out.  I was not as impressed with the main course items but watch out on the desserts!  We pretty much tried one of everything - and the worst part? Once a tray would empty, they would refill it.

...with something new! It was killing me!!! 

Next we headed off in search of Costco.  My lord it was packed.  Got our membership cards and were off in search of cleaners, paper products, and whatever else struck our fancy. 

After Costco, we headed off to the Carrefour near by to brave grocery shopping for the first time. One of the disappointing things was the lack of Western type stuff like cheeses and lunchmeats.  We were hoping to get some quality cheese and meats to go with our wines we brought to Taiwan. 

By this time it was around 9pm and I was exhausted.  We headed home and as we arrived, I wondered how we were going to get all this stuff up in the apartment.  They don't really give you shopping bags or boxes so we had to make a million trips. 

PrissyT says:
you need to buy a little basket with wheels! you know, like the old ladies do in l.a.! hahaha! or better yet, the bags they sell at the stores (green bags or something like that!)
Posted on: May 12, 2009
metsbwd says:
Yes, but what about the extra arms needed to carry them all...we had quite a bit between the three stops :-)
Posted on: May 09, 2009
Quest says:
seems like you should bring your own shopping bags... ;p
Posted on: May 08, 2009
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