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Brett and I have been talking now about whether he would consider moving here or me moving there.  I was honestly not ready to give up life here since he might only be in Asia for the next year or so.  But then, as I continue to watch how rapidly our economy is declining (especially California) I wondered why I am really staying behind.  Examining my reasons (my family mainly), I figured out that I will probably see them as much as I do right now living in Asia.  I can try to come home three to four times a year (I know my Mom will never visit me as she hates to fly) and this way I can stay longer to visit them versus just a weekend trip here and there. 

I had been mulling over this decision during the weekend and talked with Gloria Taylor (Todd's wife - they own the winery I volunteer at periodically), whom I respect immensely, and she basically told me, "go for it".  She made some valid points and gave me much to think about that night.  I do have an incredible opportunity to do something brand new, see new parts of the world through more than just a visitor's eye, and I may never have another opportunity like this again.  Brett's assignment affords him many benefits and perks that we would not have if he moved back to the States right now.  And given the current real estate market here in the United States, I think we are still better holding off and waiting until we have a better idea of where we want to end up permanently. 

When Brett woke up Tuesday morning (still Monday here), I made a comment during normal conversation while we were on Skype about "WHEN" I move to Taiwan, not "IF" and he caught it right away.  The smile on his face is something I will forever treasure.  He was incredibly excited and while we still have a million details to work out, I am going to give this a shot! 

So many details, so many thoughts.  When do I quit my job? Do I try to get them to let me transfer? Can I try to pay everything else off before I leave?  Will I be homeless sooner rather than later (the house I am renting is being foreclosed on thanks to the owners not paying the mortgage with my rent...grrrrr)  When do I want to be there?  What types of apartments will Brett have to look for now? Where in Taipei do we want to live?  Storage for my stuff? When to tell my parents?!!?!?!?  :-/

Swedesurfer says:
I lived in a bunch of different countries now and never regretted not staying at "home" and being rooted like most people. Besides, you can always go back...
Posted on: May 25, 2009
row-zzzzz says:
Oneday ... I loved it in Hong Kong ... I have to explore Taiwan ,,, had many offers when out in the east ... time will tell for me ... in the mean time for you, you go girl!!!!
Posted on: May 12, 2009
PrissyT says:
ahhh...i so excited for you!
Posted on: May 12, 2009
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