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The scene of Bangkok is very very quiet comparing to when I first got there mainly because it was affected very very heavily by the closure of airport by the protest of nearly 2 weeks. You hardly see any tourist around which makes me a little afraid as well because knowing that anything can happen in the instability of Thailand.

If you haven't been to Thailand, It is the utmost chaotic city you can be in. Coming from an already chaotic city, I can say this one also hard to tahan! That explains why the last time I was in Bangkok just for a day I thought I already seen it all.

Everything is just MESSY (coming from a messy person myself) The its just jam pack with stuffs and people and cars and signboards.
Just few hours out in the street you feel tired even when you don't do anything because your eyes are just so worn out.

After we have left our hotel, we took a train and head up to the River (Yes the river is still the fastest mode of transportation after the train). And stopped at Tha Tien pier (8) and walked about 1km or so to the Grand palace. The walk itself is far less taken but its filled with street vendors just sitting at the roadside selling 2nd hand junks and China Fake Goods. They sell lots of budda pendant as well. You can see lots of local using manifying glass to scout out the best of them by looking at the gold.

Love the Fanta Ice Popstick they come very cheap and definately can satisfy your thirst. They are those that looked like many holes. I reach the Grand Palace but did not enter it as it cost 350baht so we just gave it a go and instead just hang around outside the palace.
Bear in mind if you're going there, dress properly as they are quiet strict on modesty once you pass the main gate. NO sleeveless, No Short pants. They do have rental of clothes and long skirts but the queue looked like it takes forever so better go prepared.

We then went to China Town and you can access there by taking the ferry again this time to pier6 and from there you can get lost in China Town. The  highlight there is that if you want to buy any bulk items, there is the best place to buy. Bulks and Bulks of soft toys and everyother thing. Most of them don't really give discount because they are already warehouse prices.

And after dinner we just briefly ate and went back to our hotel.

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photo by: Deats