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This week I am doing a week long English camp in a tiny Thai village called Ban Thai near Si Saket which is near the Cambodian border. It is a real thai experience as I think me and the other girl from Travel to Teach may be the first western women to ever come to the village. It is in between lots of rice paddies (which are dry at the moment). We are staying with an American man who is married to a thai women from the village. It is a real thai style house, on stilts with a comunal area downstairs and the house is open plan. Everything is done outside in the village as it is so so so so so hot all the time.

We teach at a small school. I have the youngest class, aged 7-10. They are a real pleasure to teach, I enjoy it more than teaching the adults. Their english is pretty much non existant so I am learning some thai and also practising my drawing and acting as I have to draw and mime everything so they know what I mean. I think we are making progress though, which is rewarding. The kids are so sweet and so respectful to all the teachers, they Wai you every time they catch your eye.

The village is really nice, every evening the kids play volleyball. I watched yesterday but didn't play as they are so good and I'm so terrible I didn't want to subject anyone to having me on their team. It is so safe for kids there, I think they are treated like family wherever they go so there is no worries about where the children are as they are always safe.


Just done our last day of teaching, the kids were such a pleasure to teach it was sad to say goodbye. We had a 'graduation from english camp' cermony where all the kids got a certificate. Then they said a thankyou to us. First we had to sit around this ornate flower decoration thing and touch it while this hindu (not sure why when everyone is buddhist? guy chanted a lot ( i couldn't understand). Then everyone threw these flowers over us. Then they gave us traditional thai sarongs that we put on.Then, the nicest part, everyone ties these strings around your wrists and rubs it. It is for good luck and happiness in the future I think, and is so cute as all the kids try and give one to you. Then they all wanted us to sign the notebooks we'd given them, I relished it as I know it is the closest I will come to being famous! Tomorrow we head to Wat Phra Wihan, some Kymer Ruins from the Ankor perios. They are in Cambodia, you can cross over for the day to visit them.

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