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The fireworks are still going mad. We haven't been out in 2 saturdays in a row which finally caught up with us. With new year excitement in the air we boldly set out to get drunk. At the first bar (no name) we met a nice young chap called Virgil. He cleverly approached us with "would you please do me a favor and drink this beer for me, I've had too much". He was interesting enough for this not too not feel like the usual English practice, he freely admitted he was only 16, confessed to feelings of loneliness in a big city and chatted rather maturely about Kunming and his dreams to leave the city. Heck, it's not everyday you meet a young lad who smokes black devil cigarettes through white gloves and gives massive bottles of budweiser
away to random foreigners.

Onwards to the Speakeay, an establishment I'd heard a few people recommend to me. Somehow I had been under the impression that it was a live music venue and wasn't exactly pumped about going. Turns out this night had progressive house dj's followed by a disco, deep house set, I was dead impressed especially by the relaxed atmosphere there, there's a dancefloor with people dancing, but there was no pressure to dance. We met a nice group of people (a Glaswegian, Dutch, German and Estonian) sadly only onholiday here, living in Shanghai. We decided that this would be our local.

On again to Kun du. We heard this was the place to go out, a cluster of nightclubs in a nightmarket. There are indeed a lot of clubs, quantity yes, quality no. we seemed to walk in and out of them disappointed every time. Despite the large number of venues, once inside they all seemed the same. Go in, no dancefloor, sit at a little cubicle and a waiter takes your order from an overpriced menu. Boring. Maybe we missed an awesome place, but the damage is done, I really dont see myself going back anytime soon, unless I want fried rice at 4 in the morning.
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photo by: eefab